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  • ndh98a ndh98a Apr 10, 2013 9:26 PM Flag



    For suer it appears the initial investigation must have proven to Takeda that the drug has a high chance of being re-instated; otherwise Takeda would not be stupid enough to commit to dollars like they did.

    I think this is the best deal for AFFY!

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    • Exactly! $180 million plus %$ royalties from sales in Europe and Japan! This is going to be huge tomorrow! Shorts got caught off guard and there will be a massive rush to cover.

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      • I agree. The negative spin got the upper hand today but tomorrow could be a different story. Something fishy is going on and they hoodwinked a lot of people into selling cheap.

      • Also stated Takeda taking over all payments even if the reinstatement of the drug and so on. I see this dragging out for awhile, but they talked about the expansion of O and marketing responsibilities. I definitely smell a merger where takeda absorbs AFFY. They and the FDA are highly positive on O why talk about reinstatement and assume all responsibilities if a company was near bankruptcy w/o drug. So my question is why would Takeda step in now in full effort almost to salvage their friend if they didn't have anything to offer.
        This is a undeniable concert between the two AFFY/TAKEDA, their playing this one out real good.
        Takeda has been around too long to waste a ton of money on a O if it was in dyer's stray. Takeda will make a tender offer after O has been reinstated or coincidentally.

      • The only issue i have with all of this is that the 180 million + means nothing right now. It says that they will receive 180 mil IF Om returns. IF, I want it to return i do and i think it will, i just want to know how long before AFFY does not have any capital to function. What happens if O returns next year. Will AFFY still be around

    • but what guarantee does AFFY have at this point? how much longer on the investigation?

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