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  • wildbill400 wildbill400 Apr 11, 2013 10:11 AM Flag


    This nutjob should be escorted to the rubber room, and quickly. Hope this tool was never in the Military or led our troops, or for sure we would all be speaking German today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I'm not sure what's motivating the behavior of the CEO. They now have the funds from Takeda to investigate which should help them determine (most-likely) that a simple label is needed. But then he goes and releases a statement which can only be meant to cause panic in shareholders. The content of the message, that they might file BK and that they have money problems, we already knew. So why deliberately provoke greater panic and greater subsequent price drop? Does this CEO statement make Takeda any more likely to buy them out? I don't think so. The fact that Takeda invested money to investigate rather than acquire says that they want a positive result before buying them out. So what is the CEO trying to do? Work in concert with MM to shake the tree of small investors? What vested interest does he have towards that end? Perhaps they don't know how to go about the investigation and the CEO just wants to be bought out by *any* company so he can reap a personal payout asap or something. Or maybe out of the goodness of his heart he is trying to give a heads up to remaining shareholders that bk is imminent.... a CEO with a conscience? I doubt it. I don't know what the gameplan is but this whole debacle seems strangely orchestrated from day one like the company is being corrupted and brought down with help from within for some competitor's gain. For the record, these are speculations and opinions and I just have no idea what is going on for real. It's a headscratcher for sure though.

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    • The CEO would make a lot more money personally if the company was successful so this is a ridiculous post. The CEO has an obligation to protect patients.

    • CEO is a tool

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