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  • shabamoon shabamoon Apr 11, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Thanks to this guy's multiple aliases (goodwinpeak, thegreycorner, etc) many lost thousands last 24 hours

    You were warned not to pay attention to the multiple aliases of this paid basher but some did not listen their shares were shaken off with thousands in losses. Ans yes today the Goodwinpeaks of this board are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Let this be a lesson; next time don't let Yahoo board guide you on whether to buy or sell; next time use your own brain; In affy's case you showed have read the SEC filling from yesterday yourself. Even a blind person could have seen that the agreement was a major win for Affymax with chances of BK diminished to zero as was the cost to Affymax for the recall investigation all the while Affymax gets both milestone money of $180 million as well as hundreds and hundreds of millions in royalties for the lifetime of the Omontys drug.

    Disclosure: I am all in (went all in a few weeks ago when shares hit 1.05 ) but did not sell a single share the past 24 hours. Unfortunately I did not have any funds standing by or I would have bought with both fists yesterday AH and this morning.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Grey Corner is best-of-breed, with a singular voice. I don't agree with GC - but I try not to malign him. Godfraud, oh my, I do take potshots at him because he is such a wannabe and weenie. He lies and distorts and makes dire predictions (he predicted 30 cents today and called Longs "Kiddie's." The rest of the bashing crew are hacks, high school drop-outs.

    • Nice try chump. I have been warning everyone for almost one year. Now there is one day when stock staves off BK and you are saying I cost people money? What a wild imagination you have. I speak only for myself, TGC, nobody else.

      And let's get real. You have been in longer than $1.05. Who are you trying to fool?

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