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  • mgiganti74 mgiganti74 Apr 11, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    IMO. Something is very fishy about the news comming out from AFFY (or lack therof). Legal council

    must be dictatig every move made by the CEO COO. AFFYmay be MUCH CLOSER to a remedy than management is leading us to believe. I have been trading for 25 years in these stocks, and something is just not being made known. It may be detrimental or beneficial, but one thing is certain, corporate has information in hand that investors are not being fed. I guarantee that.

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    • I agree, somethings to remember is that because of the " Pack Mentality" by Sue you crazy Attorneys Affy must do Diligent Public Disclosure, (thus alternatives), and because of new Federal Employment Regulations Employers must notify Employees within a certain time frame of the possibility of layoffs. However the layoff notification would be CYA by AFFY in the event they are bought-out and existing head count is not needed. Something is Fishy when the Affy CEO brings up BK every other day!!! And also why pay off all debt before BK, most file BK to avoid paying off debt??? Fishy again!

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