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  • stockinvest8888 stockinvest8888 Apr 18, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    AFFY CEO John Orwin - The MOST INCOMPETENT CEO ever lived.

    I have been long with AFFY for 3 years. As a company executive myself, I cannot help but express my frustration about CED John Orwin. He is totally incompetent and has no skills in crisis management. When this recall issue surfaced, he totally freaked out and froze with no understanding what was really going on. As CEO, he should have calmed down his shareholders when he made his first announcement on the recall, but instead he was all incredibly negative and made the situation worse. Since his first announcement, he has been hiding from the public. He is totally incompetent and has NO skills in crisis management. I just keep my fingers crossed for AFFY.

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    • I have been saying it for some time. This guy single-handedly with his actions destroyed the pps of this company. I really hope he is replaced soon. Incompetent #$%$.

    • a bipolar stripper on a month long heroin binge could have managed this situation better than Orwin. His only crisis management approach is to grab his ankles...

    • you are not a company executive. You are a leech who lives of apartment building rent and on the sides squeezes other investors by mercilessly pumping various stocks that you have taken positions in - trading in and out of positions and leaving those that you conned into buying / selling holding the bag.

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      • Hi Chicago02010, Thank you very much for your comment. Shakespeare once said, "A wise man thinks he is a fool, a fool thinks he is a wise man. As such, we need to be learn from each other, so that we can grow as a person. Be humble and learn as much as you can from other people, also stay positive all the time. At the end of the day, everything is going to be all right. By the way Chicago 02010, I manage a sales department at a R&D firm. Good luck with your career and life!!!

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