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  • doyoulikeneruda doyoulikeneruda Apr 18, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    I Want to be a Professional Basher - a "Jock" - need a little info please

    I know there are many professionals here: Grey Corner, God Fraud et. al.

    These "gentlemen" post 24 / 7 offering their twisted view of AFFY.

    Please enlighten me:

    1. Is there a school you guys attend? or where do you receive your training? maybe a prison course?

    (a) i bet it helps to have a felony conviction in this racket of yours, right?

    2. What are your favorite posts - your chestnuts that you rely on if you are "slumping" ?
    that means not connecting with our audience

    3. Can you work at home? Or is this a boiler room type op? Cubicle covered with pinups!

    4. Do you guys ever watch a little of the nudie stuff on the sly? while you are posting BE HONEST please... hehe. I can only imagine...

    5. How much do you make? Any bonuses?

    6. What other perks do you have? Company picnic? or do you like just get together and roll
    and old lady for kicks?

    7. Are you turkeys ever wrong??? i mean do you seriously bat 1.000 ?

    Thank you very much

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