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  • a_rajalonghorn a_rajalonghorn Apr 20, 2013 1:16 AM Flag

    Digusted with misinformation? Part 1

    OCD, for the most part it has been one of the greatest gifts i have ever been blessed with and at other times, it drives me irate. Currently, I feel as though my emotional state is the latter of the two. This however has nothing to do with my investment choice but rather the bigotry of certain shorts and bashers who constantly remind me why there should be an IQ and moral test prior to conception for all humans. Perhaps their deceitful ways are in the make-up of their DNA and the alleles responsible for such behavior are expressed to the exponential degree.
    So... I have
    We have godwinpeak, who for what seems like eternity has been posting nonstop under different aliases. Initially when confronted and asked about his motives in regards to this stock, he expressed an altruistic agenda. He stated that he was here for the benefit of the naive investors and had nothing to gain personally. This statement is obviously false as he admitted to being short "by tens of thousands of shares" in a recent post. Now personally, I don't have anything against shorts, we all invest in our own unique way. What I find loathsome about this individual is his agenda to misinform the retail investors and cause them undue angst, while they have already suffered greatly

    You are welcome to read some of my older posts where i have outlined the pathophysiology of anemia, the use of OMONTYS and the circumstances surrounding its recall. gwp and his aliases continue to bring up this so called "PEARL STUDY" yet they have no idea what exactly the study proved.

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    • Raj: truth and justice will prevail. God Fraud is a despicable character. We have unmasked him through his own contradictory statements and his inability to respond intelligently to your posts. He is a non-original thinker and cut and paste master who quotes a brokerage house who supports the Shorts. That is his contribution on this board - which, of course, is a disservice.

      God Fraud has no credibility on this board. Sure, he will continue to be a nuisance on this thread, but like any noxious weed, we can contain him.

      Good luck all longs.

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      • I have noticed that he never responds to my posts. I thought it was due to the fact he sincerely does not like me, i can't exactly blame him as i find him to be the lowest form of a sentient being on the planet . His act of misinformation only works on the ill informed. His repetitive use of false or misleading information like the PEARL study drive me irate. Its a classic example of a straw man fallacy. Its like saying that Dextrose 50% IV should not be used in hyperglycemia patients because it can cause Diabetic Keto Acidosis and subsequently death; D50% is intended for hypoglycemic patients only, as it is the only clinical indication that it is approved for. The clinical indication for OMONTYS is CKD patients on Dialysis ONLY. His consistent need to bring up the PEARL study is an act of desperation because he cannot make a valid point. At the current price, bankruptcy is already value into this stock. WHEN the new press release comes out, this stock is going to double or triple within a day.

        P.S. I can not see or predict the future, this is an educated guess and i personally have chosen to put a few thousand on the trade to see how it plays out. I expect to gain from my trade as i have done my due diligence, invest with caution as this is a very very high risk investment. Good luck to all londs

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