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  • mantitaosgirlfriend mantitaosgirlfriend Apr 20, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    My wife is a MD, load up

    This is a no brainer.... Buy as much as you can. I hold 100k shares. She hold 200k shares and will probably buy more

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    • bankruptcy would have happened already, or at least the market would have priced it in, at .25 or under. as an investment banker, broker and trader for 30 years, I have taken an educated gamble here and understand the risks. downside zero, upside 5 to 6 per on any good news.I short many stocks, and do not hate the shorts, but lets face it, everyone will defnd their position and do whatever.

    • Are you saying you are married to raj?

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      • godwinpeak, you are a pathetic, childish and fiendish individual. I can sense your desperation. Since you can't back up any of your false statements you choose to act like a intellectually inferior, emotionally stunted degenerate. Your false and misleading statements have been rampant on this board for quite some time now.

        I will give you this, it was a sweet short at $15 but i don't short as i prefer to invest in companies i believe in. You continue to run away from any direct interaction with me and you can't defend the validity of any of your statements. I have invested in the company after doing my due diligence and I can always make more money if the trade heads south.

        I have been clear about my intentions from the beginning, I have personally invested in the company and it is a VERY HIGH RISK TRADE and no one should invest unless they are open to the idea of losing all of their investment. I have outlined the flaws in your "facts", time and time again; since you have no refutable evidence, you continue to pester us with your juvenile behavior.

        You lack the intelligence, the wit and linguistic plasticity to ever win an argument with me and you continue to run and hide. I have known people like you my entire life and the only thing grand about your type is your Ego, which is easily deflated when someone above your level puts you in your place.

        You are an admitted stock short and the validity of your statements should be questioned by anyone with an IQ above a 100. However, i see that you have some followers who have the repetitive OCD behavior of a narcissistic hamster. Anyways, continue this futile attempt to discredit me with your cowardice and childish behavior; I've dealt with people like you my entire life. The only difference between the others and you is that they had integrity, you are clearly lacking that quality.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I can tell from the expression on my dog's face when he took a dump this morning that this stock is going back to $15!!

    • How assanign is your comment. You are stuck long, never sold and now want other suckers to help bail you out. Sink sucker, right to the .00001 bottom with this one. You ans your wife will sink together.

    • another example of how poor investors doctors usually are. they operate on tips from other bad investors or rely on anecdotal evidence they see and falsely extrapolate it to all situations.

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      • I just noticed Dr. Ted W. Love is on the board of directors here. He is one smart man he doesn't usually associate with loosing bios. He bought 2 million of SNTS just before it exploded northward. I do not know if he has any stock position in AFFY I did not see his name on the insider list. If he takes a position you better get aboard.

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