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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 27, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    AFFY: An American Analogy

    "Taxation without Representation". That is what happens when politicians take bribes.... I mean 'campaign contributions' and they do not listen or care about the people. Even people who voted for them. They laugh at all the people because the people do not give them brib... I mean campaign contributions.

    You will soon see what happens when a company does not listen to the shareholders, even though the shareholders have theoretically 'voted' on the Directors. Where does the power exist? Does it exist with the people/shareholders or does it exist with whichever big-money interest (T) who can offer fancily-worded 'golden parachutes' or 'exit compensation', or other similar name. Call it what you will - but money talks and all else walks.

    Whatever Affymax was before, it is very soon to be very little. It will consist of no buildings, no employees, virtually nothing. Only the BOD who will have a choice to be influenced by what is good for the shareholders or what is good for themselves. The obvious future of AFFY is that BOD will sell shareholders out to Takeda for a very small amount. I have long predicted this, and I have forecast $10 million for all of AFFY, with about $2 million going to Honorable Orwin-San.

    For anyone wanting to gamble on a miracle turnaround, I would advise selling now and investing in some other risky biotech immediately. The Japanese writing is on the wall. This is truth as I see it from The Grey Corner.

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