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  • foggiafc foggiafc May 11, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

    Be ready. Affy will skyrocket Monday on rumors of a buyout.

    This stock will gap up huge as rumors of a buyout spread like wildfire. It might even go above the the actual buyout on speculation. Us longs know approximately what the buyout price might be and if it goes above that, SELL. It will drop just as fast. Don't get too greedy.

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    • keep it in op

    • Fog: While I do enjoy your enthusiasm, these types of wild predictions only make you look like a pumper. It would be great if you were right but only time will tell.

    • fog: Provide factual info. Don't put yourself in the spot like bashers like Baldwinpeak and Darkcorner on the pumper side.

      If there is no buyout, the agreement of April 10, 2013 stands still.

      I don't worry about that.


      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Jag. Firstly I do not want to be a pumper. That is just not my personality. I do not want to give false hope to people who are using hard earned cash to make some money on the market.

        Every one reads things differently, My interpretation of some current events makes me think that way. Others may read them differently. Firstly Zacks. They upgraded Affy , and it's a big upgrade from a strong sell to a buy short term 1-3 months. Long term neutral. As I've said before, these guys have their foot in many doors and are probably privy to some info. When they initiated a buy, it told me they are sure no BK.

        The second thing that convinces me something is afoot, is the Affy website. It is down to bare basics. As some IT guys have mentioned in earlier posts. A company going through BK is the least bit worried about updating their website. As they mentioned when you are closing shop, you have much more important things to worry about. On that point, Takeda still have O on their website as one of their core products.

        If no Bk then we have 2 choices. Royalty based or a buyout. Recent press releases have given us a very good idea of how management feels about enhancing shareholder value. They don't give a #$%$. If someone like Takeda offers them a lucrative golden parachute they will sell out. Takeda has the resources to have O off the market for some while , while they complete the investigation. They can take as much time as they want to and Affy cannot do anything about it. Affy can not afford a long investigation. Hence I believe we are having a buyout.

    • enough with this false hope. wake up and smell cow dung. No buyout.

    • Any link to said rumors?

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