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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 May 14, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    It is a known news nothing spectacular!

    This news is well known to the market and already pronounced.

    AFFY needs a Accounting person to collect royalty and the printer to print and despatch dividend warrants.

    Received 100 MLN from TAKEDA . 100- small exps for their operations and the rest needs to paid out as dividend. You don't need an office, bunch of staff and additional expenses to run the show.

    I think Kathleen La Porte and gang loaded AFFY shares during the past run!

    Perpetual royalty payment btw 15-20% so long as OMONTYS is in the market place. I suspect big boyz (the board and their proxies loaded the shares bigtime, knowing what is coming). Release some bad PR and the nervous longs and foolish shorts sell the stock. Collect all you can and screw these folks bigtime, been there and seen that.

    Ultimate price peak sales - 4 BLN $ world wide @15% = 600 MLN, which is $16 per share per year ROYALTY payout (that is perpetual in case TAKEDA does not buyout AFFY).


    Sentiment: Hold

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    • This is my ideal company. How I would love to own the whole thing. I wish I knew a few folks with enough money to buy 110% of the outstanding shares. Does anyone know the regs on reporting ownership?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A piece o news came out and the stock didn't crater???? That's a positive right there! WOW!!!!!
      Orwin of course will stay on the BOD. But Brenner seems to be taking control of the show from here.....

    • An entirely delusional post, made as instructed. Must be a paid pumper, because nobody can be that moronic on his own. Even when AFFY was in a profit sharing arrangement and O was not recalled, I shorted at $15 plus per share. Now AFFY has given O to Takeda. AFFY is shutting down operations and has advised its shareholders that bankruptcy is an option, and this idiot posts $16 per share. What a crock!

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