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  • wildbill400 wildbill400 May 17, 2013 11:19 AM Flag


    OK , ball is in your court, how do we stop the MMs from taking Affy back to .80????? How does Affy get back to $30.00????????????? What is your time frame?????? Why does the BOD make predictable stupid moves constantly??????? Where will AFFY's pps be in two weeks???? Will you pay back the retired people here their lost money if Affy files BK?????? It is better to present both sides!!!!!!

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    • First of all, I am not a day trader but a hopeful trader and wouldn't worry about the stock moves each day. SELL high BUY low doesn't work with me. I have invested in AFFY after reviewing the facts in regards to the drug and the steps being taken by Company. I have started buying at $3 and all the way down to $0.98. I have seen PPS go down to $0.62 in AH and risen up to $1.95. Being in the stock for a longer period of time I knew this is an absolute foul play.

      You do know the current PPS is only because there is a fear that AFFYMAX will file BK. Otherwise, you can find lots of biotech stocks trading at $4-$5 just because there is hope that their drug will get approval from FDA soon. Well in case of AFFY, O is an approved drug with 99.98% results and already has a much higher demand and future projected sales and profit.

      What you are doing is exactly what MM's want. When the stock is in RED you start making people visualize nothing but BK. why are they going to file BK? Because of running costs or litigation costs. You got to fooling yourself. You prefer not to use your brains and see that AFFYMAX has never misguided people in any ways and had exactly told what the product is about and what the Company is going to do in that regard. One one the GWP posts indicates that too, not saying I believe him at all but just to clear my point that all the litigations will go away when the stock price is restored.

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      • Two critical points to consider and then the man behind the curtain goes silent. Affy's Omonty's sales had plummeted as in " drop off a cliff "even before the recall, the recall put Affy on life support but who knows for how long? Secondly the largest Dialysis Corp in the U.S. had formally in no uncertain terms told Affy that they had decided to not renew their contract with Affy. Also with related Omonty's deaths the E.U. will reject Affy, they should pull their application to save face. Unlike you I take making money seriously, and guess what, I warned people at $1.90 check my post, and you said buy buy buy, whom has been correct??? Good day Sir!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don't know if and when O will comeback but I can't be just negative all the time. I might not wait till then either. My point is the current PPS doesn't reflect the level it should be at and that is what I am hoping for $4 - $5. I am sure I will get this PPS sooner the later.

        You think your bashing or pumping can move the stock price then you are dreaming my friend or NOT.

    • Waiting......

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