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  • kearneygrocery5568 kearneygrocery5568 May 17, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    godw-n looks desperate....

    very sad indeed....

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    • After reading his posts on NOL and looking at what's available as to NOL laws online (i'm not a specialist) i've come to the conclusion that Godwinpeak doesn't know typical tax law that he would if he had the degrees he claims, so don't take him seriously. If he does have the degrees, he's intentionally misleading investors.

      Also, no intelligent investor would make 95% gains and continue to leave the position open for 9 more months to make an additional 5% gains, so don't take that seriously either. He's either faking it, or the dumbest smart guy ever.

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      • Mershaw. We are talking apples and oranges. I NEVER suggested AFFY loses its own NOL. I was stating, and always have been stating, that the NOL is not available to shield an acquiring corporation's own income by using AFFY's NOL. Many long pumpers were saying that AFFY is worth tons of money because of its NOL which could be used by another entity which just isn't so. I was endeavoring to make it easier for others to understand.

    • True. Right now I am desperately smiling with a comfortable six figure profit in my AFFY short. This board is great fun for me. Keep the jibes coming my way shoul

    • This is one of the most manipulated stock, i doubt he is short, hope he is.

      But keeping a short at these prices is really not a good idea. Despite all the negativity BK ..etc, the potential for AFFY to come back is really huge, especially after they sent home everyone and arranged a Royalty Structure, this is INDEED A CASH COW, as and when OMONTYS is introduced.

      Takeda will ensure it comes back to the Market and it will not ROCK AFFY BOAT at any time soon. It will fund AFFY till such time they find a resolution.

      All the liability lawsuits ..etc to resolve will take years and the Insurance will take care of them. The allergic reaction indications included in the product label..


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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