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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak May 25, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    AFFY's End Must Be Near - Paid Pumpers Desperate to Silence Posts that Challenge Their Pumps

    The paid pumpers, lead by their latest comrade, Maxdad, are becoming more and more desperate. These guys, jagan, douyoulikeneruda, shortsareevil, jaybull and many others that come posting once or twice from their cubicles are paid by the MMs and their crony hedge/mutual funds who see the writing on the wall about AFFY's demise and are eager to dump their millions of AFFY shares onto retail longs before the shares become worthless when AFFY seeks protection under the bankruptcy laws. It is all part of what I describe as Operation Retail AFFY Bagholders.

    Retail cannot short AFFY stock. There are no shares available to short. Retail can only buy AFFY stock in the hope that AFFY will rise from the dead or that the MMs will allow retail to sell later at a MM manipulated higher price to the greater fool so to speak. I have observed and posted on this board, for example, that the MMs took the price from $1.33 to $1.42 and then watched as a 1.1M share sale order immediately went through taking the price back to $1.30. I sarcastically said that it must have been some retail long taking profit right? My posts about AFFY's dire financial circumstances, and my posts about Omontys disastrous actual patient usage and dangerous safety profile as reported by legitimate brokerage analysts, news reporting, test results and physicians, are intended by me to educate retail longs about the true risks involved in "investing" in AFFY. My mantra has been if you can play the MM swings then go ahead, but do not make the mistake of buy and hold even short term because you will lose your money.

    Since the paid pumpers cannot dispute my posts, which are often supported by quotes and citations to references, they have had to utilize ad hominem attacks instead. They label me with horrible names, deride my posts as "cut and paste" and "unoriginal". They challenge me to juvenile games and when I refuse to play they attack my credibility. They are desperate. Be advised. Thank you.

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    • Interesting post. Can't say that I disagree. Take the emotion out of this stock, and it is obvious that it is going to zero. They gave omontys to take a and are running out of cash. I feel sorry for the longs, I really do, it is a sh!tty situation to be in.

    • I have 100% OUTED YOU as a self serving FRAUD...You can protest, claim BK and other nefarious issues at will. But you TOTALLY FAILED TO PROVE you're anything other than a desperate liar and fool who did NOT HAVE THE GOOD SENSE TO CLOSE YOUR SHORT POSITION AT 80 CENTS...That alone has placed your picture in the dictionary when one looks up MORON !!! You KNOW that the slightest bit of good news (which still has a very high 95%+ probability) could destroy your short position...That is if you really do have a short position at all. AND YOUR POINT OF LONG'S DESPERATION IS TOTALLY NEGATED BY YOUR 850 PLUS POSTS here that are either personal attacks or contrived cut and pastes of Affymax stories.

      Anyone with intelligence has your number BUT, more importantly, knows that Affymax as an operating company is over...IT'S THEIR OWNERSHIP OF OMONTYS that provides ALL THEIR LONG TERM VALUE and most here believe that it is simply a matter of time (sooner than later) before their issues are resolved successfully. You could get lucky but the odds are extremely stacked against you!!!


    • I am probably the only retail who happens to actually have a significant short position in AFFY inasmuch as retail cannot short AFFY. Go ahead and try to do so and you will find that retail cannot. Look at the concerted effort to silence me. It is most amusing to me. I am somewhat astonished to the lengths the MMs and their cronies mutual/hedge funds who have yet to unload their AFFY shares will go to make a buck in dumping these shares as part of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. I consider their efforts a sign that my posts are frustrating their plan. I hope so.

    • Whatever your AGENDA is, it is certainly Does Not include any altruism for us "Retail Bagholders" Go away
      you Troll!

    • HAHA first I am a day trader you dumb B*I*T*C*H, second you are a piece of S*H*I*T, lastly I bet you will loose your A*S*S on this stock. That is all.

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