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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 May 28, 2013 12:34 PM Flag


    There's no sense in repeating my analysis and shared information any further. I have been about as thorough, thoughtful and analytic as I can be with the information that is available. And I have shared everything I know and believe to be the legal issues, financial issues, operating issues, RISKS AND REWARDS in having a short or long position on Affymax.

    It is a fools errand for me to continue to engage in debates with the con men, thieves and sociopaths who have combined thousands of posts here claiming THEY KNOW what is IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW. ALL of my posts have been framed in terms of what's available, how I analyzed such and the upside and downside to the resolution of Omonty's situation and the unlikelihood (albeit possible) of Affymax's Bankruptcy. I have also answered repeatedly the question of WHY Takeda has NO INTEREST (at least until a definitive answer on Omontys has been rendered) in allowing Affymax to go bankrupt (UNLESS OF COURSE YOU SUBSCRIBE to the VARIOUS CONSPIRACY THEORIES POSTED BY THE WHACK JOBS). But just to repeat, Takeda allowing AFFY bk creates a lengthy process to wind its way through the court(s) and creates a highly uncertain outcome as to who will own what per the BK Court rulings with many unknown or unintended potential consequences. Takeda has well in excess of a half BILLION invested in Omontys and it would not even make sense to someone with an 80 IQ that they are willing to abandon control at this point.

    CONVERSELY, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE CAUSE OF THE 5 FATALITIES. What we do know and there is ENORMOUS EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE is that there are 100's of FDA APPROVED DRUGS that are on the market that carry side effects, toxicity and possibility of death warnings and are being sold from the largest companies like J&J to small biotechs because they have proven benefits and detailed risk mitigation instructions up to and including BLACK BOX WARNINGS!!!

    There are some risks, but the upside is ENORMOUS!!! FINIS

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