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  • stuff24pk stuff24pk Jun 1, 2013 12:07 AM Flag

    What happened to rajalonghorn? We need him also to share his thoughts.

    Where are you man?

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    • lol! Good evenings good folks of the Yahoo message board. My apologies in regards to be my absences. I doubled on the last swing, played the technical analysis, made significant amount of revenue and then bought back in right before it took off yesterday. I have a certain amount of shares set to the side for either a significant rise or possible bk.

      My opinion on the company has not changed. As i pointed out before the company is looking to be bought out and currently in the process of restructuring. GWP has been scouring the internet scaring children and investors; he does have a valid point, there is a risk of bk. However; that being stated, there are plenty of actions that can be taken my the company to keep themselves from being arrested for SEC fraud.
      The fact that AFFY is being delisted from the NASDAQ is no surprise whatsoever, i have stated before along with maxdad that the company is just a pure shell. Big surprise that an 8 K was filed stating the obvious.

      OMONTYS when it was marketed in the US brought AFFY a market cap of $1 and believe it or not only accounted for 4% of the dialysis market in the US alone. You can read my original posts in regards to the pathophysiology of the drug, etc but currently with AMGEN raising prices of EPOGEN for anemic patients and having the only other drug being pulled from the market; FDA will more than likely allow reintroduction of OMONTYS onto the market.

      My Specialty is medicine and i can tell you that many drugs on the market cause allergic reactions and if not treated immediately can cause anaphlaxis leading to death. However, in case of OMONTYS the reaction is upon first time administration and they can do an allergy test prior to administration of the bolus of the drug. So, think about it a drug 99.8% effective, no recurrent allergic reactions, cheaper than currently monopolized therapy of Epogen, saves Medicare/Medicaid millions upon millions a year. Takeda responsible for full investigation, etc. Im bullish

      Sentiment: Hold

    • He has not posted for a while. I think he got scared and sold out.

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