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  • b.coogan Jun 1, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    The Future of AFFY-IMO is still viable investment

    Even though the announcement AH from NASDQ defined delisting that could take 4-6 months----the deal to sell the prime asset of AFFY is still the basis for the valuation of AFFY in the marketplace.

    The announcement did not refer to a" liquidation" but a delisting and that should have no bearing on the stock which has been decimated to the $ 1 to $ 2.00 aisle.

    The investing public, to which I have a signifigant investment, owns approximately 34 million shares and at $ 2.00 a share as of Friday's close represents a $ 68 million investment that Takedata or any investment group could absorb without a hesitantion--so delisting from Nasdq to trade on the pink sheets could easily be accomplished and the pps could continue to rise to a more equitable pps, imo $ 5.00 per share or valuation of AFFY in the $ 150 to $ 170 million range.

    Could Takedata seize the assets without compensation--they would have to be crazy because current and future litigation in class action law suits would make their case for seizure and possibly result in damage awards in the hundred of millions of dollars far greater than offering a purchase value of $ 3.00 to $ 5.00 per share and close the books on this AFFY drama.

    We must not forget as American shareholders of an American company we have potentially 34 million votes to determine our financial fate and after the incredible BS AFFY has placed on on shoulders I am more determined to see that I receive my fair return on my investment

    So am I going to sell next week because this AH announcement---Absolutely not because IMO I think any deal in the pipeline will be announced in the few weeks that could propel this stock to $ 3.00 to $ 5.00 per share and the delisting

    Naysayers pounding the table #$%$ about the delisting are idiots----This is not over untill all areas are reviewed and IMO Affy management better find a willing buyer to get out of this mess very quickly.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What management you delusional #$%$, they fired everyone and put a bankruptcy firm in charge to strip it off the last assets. My god some of you have no clue.

    • Let's think about this. Let's say you wake tomorrow with 10k to invest. You start doing some research and a find a company that bet everything on developing a particular drug. The drug get's pulled from the market, they fire all employees, and their stock is going to delisted. We're supposed to believe that you'd think "this is where I want to invest my money!" You're thinking "When the drug gets back on the market I'm going to make 10x from this shell company listed in the OTC market." It could happen, but unlikely.

    • AFFY's boards are in the hot seats right now, no way in hell they would get away if they planned to screw retail by all these suspicious fiasco. Everything seemed like its planned, even with the AH price action. I bought more a bit earlier at 1.66 and some at 1.44 AH and it ended at 1.57 pps so someone is scooping it up for sure.

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      • They did the same thing in AH market after the last quarterly report, which contained all the precautionary statements, as required by law, but nothing we hadn't been told before. Tanked it. But the damage wasnt nearly so bad in following regular session, and, of course, the PPS quickly recovered again. Wait and see if history doesn't repeat itself here.

    • All Takeda needs to do is wait and let time take its course. Should Affymax go bankrupt, Takeda may be able to buy the $180M Takeda milestone/royalties agreement at a bankruptcy sale. If so, the purchase would have to be approved by the bankruptcy court which settles all questions of legality, fairness and any fear of lawsuits that could challenge the purchase. This is just one possible scenario. There are others.

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