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  • northshorepicker northshorepicker Jun 2, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Idiots shorted below $2 are going to get shafted... MM going to rob you shorts blind this week before OTC...

    this is being setup to run hard! Watch and see...

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    • Agreed. It is not the regular short numbers there are lots Phantom shorts (big Boyz).

      When it is moved to or assigned another symbol, they will have to account exact numbers.

      Very interesting though, now they got out of the nektor contract too, for us it is very positive.


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      • 2 Replies to jagan1961
      • I can't believe people shorts are still holding onto BK's not even in the cards... AFFY closing out lose ends either to reap the rewards from royalties until the patents expire or be bought out...... this is the week longs have been waiting for... and shorts that got stuck holding this over the weekend and are going to be crying on Monday morning!... MM will do whatever they can to hold it low for shorts to settle but when the mob of shorts trying to cover begins, MM will not be able to control it! AH on Friday was typical manipulation and setup for this week... remember a few weeks ago when MM took this down to $.60's from $1.10 in AH and then have it open higher the next day??? I believe it's going to open much higher than anyone expects... GL... isn't Takeda traded on OTC.... lol.... options big boys are going to move this baby!

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      • Jagan - how many employees does AFFY currently have? I went on the website and only see BODs and no one else.

        This could be a good sign of a BO is moving along and termination of contract only makes one step closer to a BO.


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