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  • rhs8888 rhs8888 Jun 5, 2013 8:03 AM Flag

    Anwere to all questions. Good luck

    When anything is recalled means need to work on fixing something. For a layman imagine example of any car company's recall. They take the stuff of market, fix it, and put it back in.

    Why employee and company is shrinked?
    Because you have to save fixed cost and also when you have partner Takeda to support investigation. Un neccessarly keeping the staff does not make sense unless you have other drug in pipline. So it was right move.

    What happens when nasdaq delisting and why?
    Company has shifted all it's operation to Takeda so no existance of its own. But deal of one time payment and royalty is worked out for shareholders. And the shares will move to OTC just like Takeda. No big deal with that. In fact some of the lesser complaince and reporting to take care of.

    O is it good?
    It was working and recalled to fix the issues which I assume was in material supplied may be as recently you saw the winding up the contarct with final payment of 5 Million plus. Now Takeda will use it's own supplier.


    Drug will be soon in market as it was working with warning the fixing any issues there with.

    If I were management I will play the same way it is played out today.

    Do not forgot the 90% big fish investment with DD.
    Also do not forget the short covering of 49% share.

    Do you own investigation this is my honest opinion and I am long in this stock.

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    • Time is up for Big upside now.

    • Agreed...after today Takeda is in complete control of returning O to market + the other new drug applications are on their way to approval.. Look at the 10Q for first quarter 2007 - it was part of the their original 2004 agreement with Nektar;
      ''We also agreed to pay milestone payments totaling up to $7 million, plus possible additional milestones in connection with our partnering activities relating to Hematide or merger and acquisition activities. ....
      The agreement may be terminated by either party for the other party’s material breach provided that such other party has been given a chance to cure such breach, or by Nektar for our challenge of the validity or enforceability of any patents licensed thereunder''

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    • Also forgot the mention stock was at 27$ and short squeeze and bounce with better product than other companies with 100$ stock also, You can imagine what price of affyQ will be.
      Say if you invest 10000$ today you loose about 5000 if the go bankrupt. or make 100000+.....
      Do your own DD. It is my opinion. I know non of the shorties will have answer for this post. In fact they might have change of heart.

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    • Also be careful with premarket today it is the MM's buying and selling 100 shares at a time to each other to manipulate the opening price. Let it drop and then spike to establish a range for today before jumping ship with your shares.

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