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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Jun 5, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    Bagholders Be Sure and Thank Maxdad for All He Has Done

    I do believe that every single long who bought and held on Maxdad's advice now have some nice losses. I sure gotta hand it to his Goldman Sachs ethics - very consistent.

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    • It is not about today. Logic is long sightedness based on fact and findings. A recall is recall to fix the issue which company admits. It is now outsourced and rest of the details are in place. It is about who will have laugh when the time comes.

      See earlier post. I know it was down day for long. But what is it end of the world? We invested keeping in mind big investigation at stake for Takeda/Affymax. All if will be running the show all the steps are going in right direction. TIME WILL TELL THE DIFFRENCE.

      See details.
      When anything is recalled means need to work on fixing something. For a layman imagine example of any car company's recall. They take the stuff of market, fix it, and put it back in.

      Why employee and company is shrinked?
      Because you have to save fixed cost and also when you have partner Takeda to support investigation. Un neccessarly keeping the staff does not make sense unless you have other drug in pipline. So it was right move.

      What happens when nasdaq delisting and why?
      Company has shifted all it's operation to Takeda so no existance of its own. But deal of one time payment and royalty is worked out for shareholders. And the shares will move to OTC just like Takeda. No big deal with that. In fact some of the lesser complaince and reporting to take care of.

      O is it good?
      It was working and recalled to fix the issues which I assume was in material supplied may be as recently you saw the winding up the contarct with final payment of 5 Million plus. Now Takeda will use it's own supplier.


      Drug will be soon in market as it was working with warning the fixing any issues there with.

      If I were management I will play the same way it is played out today.

      Do not forgot the 90% big fish investment with DD.
      Also do not forget the short covering of 49% share.

      Do you own investigation this is my honest opinion and I am long in this stock.

    • On the off chance that you turn out correct (AND) there is no meaningful resolution tomorrow then I will present my mea culpas and admit I was wrong. Anybody who bought because of me or sold because of you shouldn't be in the market. I contributed the best information and analysis at my disposal every single time and tried to be as fair and balanced in my assessments as I could. UNLIKE YOU WHOSE MANTRA WAS SELL-SELL-SELL Omontys will never return to market. I don't buy it because it makes absolutely no sense but on the long shot that there's more to the Omontys fatalities than was publicly available and they remove it from the market I WILL FULLY ADMIT I WAS WRONG and pay homage to you and all the other shorts.

      BUT THIS IS FAR FROM OVER SO DON'T DECLARE VICTORY ANYTIME SOON. IN THE MEANWHILE I HAVE NOT SOLD A SINGLE SHARE WITH MY AVERAGE PRICE $1.22 and I have a BOAT LOAD. It only counts when the other side of the transaction is done. Will you be man enough to do the same as I am proposing when you've been proven wrong?

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      • Yeah G-peak I almost forgot! "Thanks Max's". So G-peak your theory is that tomorrow they are going to burn a billion dollars of research and a decade of work. Interesting!!!!! So science is not based on building blocks of knowledge. I find that interesting too... The most interesting point you have made is that we should get our advice from a cheerleader with one cheer...Really! Maybe soon I will have a new cheer for you to sign with your pals

      • max: no worries Max, you did a great job and as it stands nothing has changed per your writings. Its all about the return of Affy or not, and how the company will execute for itself and its shareholders. Their has been no leaks of information, which I always find as positive, and institutions appear to still hold large positions.

      • I give you credit for your honesty. I have to say that it was pretty obvious though. Once OTC was released, you should have known. You were too attached with AFFY and didn't want to see the writing on the wall. I can't believe you are still holding. It's crazy but I wish you well. I feel more bad for the people who listened to you but those guys always love to do that. By the way I'm still short at 1.90 and not covering for a while. There's no way I can lose but you guys havn't figured that out yet.

      • You really like to put words in my mouth that I had never said. You are outright lying about what you call my mantra. As but one example from my Florida sinkhole post back on May 13th here is, and what has always been my mantra and advice to any who cared to listen:

        "Here is my own lullaby: Remind retail to be sure and take whatever profits they can, to play the swings if able, to remember retail cannot short this stock and to not hold AFFY overnight."

        You are a piece of work Maxdad.

      • here to stay

      • Please change your maxipad.

    • Yep, I bailed down a little today but way up on affy after the last 4 days.

    • He probably sold out! are you kidding he probably left everybody else holding the bag!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Hey everybody. Be sure and thank Maxdad. Come on. He is just a great guy who was just here to help.

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