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  • bbondslf25 bbondslf25 Jun 6, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    So where is MAX?

    He said we wud get the news we wanted out of the shareholders meeting... and as people have said... it didnt happen.... what do u have to say for urself mister?... u have cost me and my family a lot of money and foods out of our mouths...

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    • on his way out of the country???

    • same question again.... MAX is busy...Doing Ur Sis.......

    • Dumb......YOU ARE........Follow me

      I want the leftovers....

    • Bbond...I'm a professional financial analyst with thirty plus years of investment banking experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I'm pretty good at what I do but neither I nor anyone else here has a crystal ball. I provide people with the benefit of information that I find, that I hear, that I research and analyze and share it without anyone owing me a thing. I expect everyone on these boards to do their own research as I do and make their own decisions as I do. One should NEVER take one person's posts (mine or anyone elses) to bet the ranch or anything for that matter. If food was taken out of your family's mouths it was because of decisions YOU MADE and were (hopefully) based on the research and analysis YOU DID. I'm quite confident that had you made a fortune on AFFY today that you'd be sending me a new mercedes or even a new toy mercedes.

      BUT for the record...I bought and continue to hold 100,000 shares of AFFYMAX at an average price of $1.22 and, as such, as of right now I am down $11,000 after being up close to $100k about a week or so ago and you don't hear me #$%$' and moanin. The company did NOT go bankrupt today. They continue to operate and have funds for several more months (without any significant additional infusion of capital from Takeda). They are trading actively on the OTC and you may have the opportunity to make money or lose more from here.

      BTW, I don't for a second take your post the least bit seriously since it is obvious that you like others here take great pleasure in taking pot shots at me. I've been around for a LONG TIME and have a pretty thick skin and pretty deep pockets. There are many here on the short side that take great pleasure in intimidating (or at least trying to) people into making foolish decisions strictly for their own benefit. My ONLY purposes are to 1. INFORM AND ANALYZE to the best of my abilities and 2. To identify and substantiate those who I believe are crooks and liars here.

    • This is the troubled company that you are talking about. Do you Due Diligence, for your family. We tend to hear good things and sky is the limit for the upside, so DON'T. I bought it at 1.40, sold half at 1.50, and keeping the rest as a lottery ticket. We'll see lol

      Sentiment: Hold

    • When CEO's start being quiet, you always sell. When OTC is announced on any stock in the market, you always sell. Always. If you have balls then you short. It's that simple. Never listen to pumpers or even bashers on a board. You have to set rules for yourself. OTC and delisting is always bad news. Always.

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