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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Jun 7, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    8,000 Pound Gorilla is the Lawsuits of Grieving Families for Horrific DEATHS Due Directly to Wonder Drug O.

    Let's keep it simple here folks.

    O KILLED MANY PEOPLE. The deaths were within minutes. The patients had no F'in clue that this awful sudden, torturous death was coming. They had several minutes to realize what was happening to them. It is actually even awful to consider what must have transpired during those agonizing minutes.

    The point is that THERE ARE GOING TO BE HUMONGOUS LAWSUITS FROM THE FAMILIES. These are never, ever, ever going to go away without either AFFY going away forever or AFFY Bankrupt. NO WAY.

    Do you understand this? This means that the BEST CASE SCENARIO for you chumps is if AFFY goes BK and somehow survives after that. The stock will be down to 25 cents tops IMO.

    THESE LAWSUITS ARE VERY REAL AND THEY HAVE VERY REAL MERIT. The grieving families are due TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WHICH LAFFYMAX DOES NOT HAVE. Their insurance is not going to cover it all. AFFY IS GOING BK. Get it straight and stop drinking the KOOL-AID.

    BK will actually be good news at this point. I will consider buying if AFFY still exists and after BK. I anticipate 20 cents around tax-selling season. Thank you.

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    • Show me where there are more than 3 deaths. You use the word "many". You are a liar. Simple as that. Your gorilla lost a lot of weight this a.m. with Maxdad's post regarding the CDC's language addressing Fresenius. I would say your gorilla is on life support with a thread of hope of its survival. If it does survive it will have a vegetable IQ similar to yours. Jim

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thegreycorner is an imbecile!!!
      3 (That's three) out of 25,000 patients died, and their health status was already compromised prior to taking O. Get a life!!!

    • Unfortunately some lives were lost, a tragedy for the families. But to assume massive payouts as a result of those deaths I think unwarranted. The patients' health was already compromised. If they were not children then an individual payout is usually not huge. There are not that many plaintiffs. The math doesn't add up. On the shareholder suit side, you can't squeeze blood from a turnip- best case for shareholders is that O comes back to market and there is cash to pay out. Otherwise just fighting over pennies.

      Now AFFY may go bankrupt as a result of steady costs and no marketable drug. Or it doesn't and the stock goes down because O's sales don't warrant a $50mm market cap. But lawsuits are not the company's biggest concern.

    • antidisestablishmentarianism8392 antidisestablishmentarianism8392 Aug 6, 2013 2:05 AM Flag

      A few months ago greyboner was offended someone called him a fear monger. Haha. I wonder why they did that? The real truth is that an allergic reaction to O killed 3 out of 25000 people (.012%). The same severe allergy (anaphylaxic) a person can get from eating peanuts, shellfish, latex, Xrays, NSAIDs like Advil and numerous other "killers". The drug works, but the allergic reaction will need to be tested for in my opinion. Those few people who are allergic won't take the drug. Good luck.

    • It didn't kill "many", it killed 3 people. If and when the 3 lawsuits are filed, if at all, since not everyone sues and none have been filed yet, they will take several years at the very least and perhaps many years to litigate and/ or settle. Either way they are a non issue since the question of whether O is brought back to market will be answered long before that allowing shareholders to sell years before any potential judgements.

    • Do not acknowledge the gorilla. MaxCad says that there is nothing to worry about. I guess all the grieving families decided that they didn't really care that KILLER DRUG O KILLED THEIR LOVED ONES. I guess this is the way that MaxCad thinks the grieving families will behave. He is not worried at all about the 8,000 pound gorilla.

    • What a LOOSSSEERRR.....and you thought posting that
      would make you ..........

      well loser ., loser......

    • Pay no attention to the 8,000 pound Gorilla at the seat next to you. He is not liable to go ape-shet anytime soon. He just likes to sit there and surf the web, so you can just ignore him. In fact, why even admit that he exists?

      It is similar if you have one drug and it causes sudden, horrifying, excruciating deaths in people. You really do not even need to acknowledge that in the least. See, you just pull the drug off the market before the FDA makes you do it. Then you fire everyone, close down all operations and auction off the unused toiletries. As for the pesky, annoying loved ones of those (assumed) older sub-humans that had the gall to actually die minutes after taking O, they should not even be acknowledged. How dare they insert themselves into this discussion.

      Please continue with the rosy scenario of no expenses and a future of nothing besides generous payments. Do not concern yourself with that Gorilla in the room. He's just working on his blog, never mind him.

    • Let's all agree that the 8,000 pound gorilla does not exist. That will surely make it go away. What gorilla? I don't see any 8,000 pound gorilla? Nor do I see any wrongful death lawsuits. Hey, AFFY is looking pretty good. No expenses and just a future income stream forever. I like AFFY. Have a nice weekend everyone

    • he is bashing an OTC stock..LOL