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  • lahepworth lahepworth Jun 12, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    maxdad i know the answer! Buyout in 4 to 6 weeks.

    I can only hope! Been long on this thing for a while. At breakeven about know.!

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    • I'm doing as much research and connecting the dots as I can. My confidence level is at its highest point right now for this to be resolved over the next month or so, very favorably for Omontys and a deal with Takeda to move forward. I believe the Omontys investigation is over and cleared. My "open issue" is primarily where Takeda is with Fresenius negotiations since they both have leverage...Takeda wants to walk away with a long term Omontys deal to continue and Fresenius wants to minimize liabilities and bad P/R so they've got to be figuring this out. I also think that the $2.15 Billion award to Pfizer/Takeda today was critical timing to moving this whole AFFY deal forward. Read the rest of my posts and definitely read the news on the Pfizer/Takeda win in court...Takeda is walking away with about $750 million.

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      • Just my humble opinion
        If you believe the Omontys investigation is "over and cleared," would that not necessarily have to have been disclosed to the public already? Flip it for a moment; had the investigative outcome been "over and negative" with no disclosure yet.... you see my point ?... Also, and jmho, but Takeda and Fresenius negitiating a favorable outcome such that Fresenius maintains its non-interrupted posture as the primary end point of Omontys, that also - under these circumstances - might reek of, well, collusion for lack of a better word. Or perhaps I'm off base... Thoughts?
        Disclosure: I am definitely a long, and in addition am presenting AFFY to some other big investors at this time. Just thinking out loud.

      • Do you see the win of 750 million being offset by a 500 million writedown on purchasing AFFY?

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