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  • joshr31 Jun 14, 2013 1:29 AM Flag

    Maxdad... Does the Brenner group pose a threat?

    I've research The Brenner groups history of assisting other companies in the past and cannot find one instance where commons did not survive. Any info would be appreciated thanks.

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    • Brenner is one of the best turnaround firms around. They have worked with GS many times in the past. I can not go into details (sorry), but they have been and continue to be doing EXACTLY what is needed to return significant value to investors as Omontys is returned to the market...working very closely with Takeda while keeping AFFY, the NON-operating company, working toward lights out on everything but the residual value of their rights to the only asset that matters...Their ownership interest in OMONTYS.

      As far as I have seen their work has been masterful and exactly what was needed to be done for shareholders (especially the large institutions) and Takeda. On the day of the Omontys return announcement Takeda will be fully positioned to finalize financial arrangements and move Omontys right back into the supply chain ASAP.

    • Josh, I'm no maxdad, but I'll toss in my two cents. Brenner is working for us ( the owners: think BIG institutions who have a stake in this still, and have mega-fuduciary responsibilities to their clients also, and high powered legal counsel, too).
      Brenner has nothing to restructure here. They are solely here to "make a deal."
      Will the common survive?
      How could it not?
      Brenner was only brought in because they can do this quickly, efficiently, and, when it is all said and done, at a cost that is very well worth it to stockholders.
      Don't worry that Brenner has any say-so on the stock being negated out of the blue..
      They can't, and wouldn't.. There is no need to.
      They are equipped (with their contacts, experience, know-how) to get things done quickly.
      That's the only reason they were brought in. IMO

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