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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jun 14, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    MY FAULT !!!

    I was committed to fully disengage with the whack pack and have done my best to stay disengaged. And I got sucked in still again to arguing with obvious crooks and sociopaths and as I have said previously it is NUTS to argue with NUTS. So I am once again going to try to restrain myself from responding to unabashed manipulations, lies and attempts at scaring those who have legitimate concerns over the fact that the Affy-Takeda-Omontys situation and resolutions have not yet been publicly released.

    I will continue to try to fill in the information gaps and provide whatever analysis I believe will be helpful. I am not suggesting anyone either buy or sell AFFY and am strongly urging everyone to do their own research and analysis. This is extremely time consuming to do it right and get to original source information and then connect the dots in a methodical way and I have attempted to provide you all with whatever useful information I can. BUT I have neither the time nor the interest in getting into raging debates with crazy people who have demonstrable malice in their intent.

    My apologies to all for allowing myself to get back into that unwarranted arena.

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    • Max - I've been lurking on this board for the past few weeks after buying into AFFY. I finally created a yahoo account a few days ago so I could filter out the noise created by nonsensical pumpers and bashers. The "ignore" functionality works pretty well. :)

      Thanks for sharing your research and expertise with the board. It has been very helpful in supplementing my own DD. I'm still not certain how this will all pan out but for now it appears the potential rewards outweigh the near term risks.

      By the way, I can't believe the "randomposter" user name was available. I love it!

      Disclosure: I am long on AFFY. I am responsible for my own investing actions. I have a low tolerance for BS.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • "Filling in the gaps" = "Making things up"

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I have been watching this GWP/TGC poster since March 15. This guy is a pathetic MORON with lies, deceptions and fear mongering to offer. This guy always go after anyone who is truthful and unbiased in their analysis of Affymax-Takeda-OMONTYS.

      Most of us remember, Rajalonghorn, jagan and others were so #$%$ off like you are now. What they did they do, ignored him. You shouldn't be bogging down yourself with this fear mongering parasite. He will be gone soon only to comeback and pump the stock.

      You have not seen his frustration, lies and fear mongering since his older posts are gone now. He is a SOB.


    • Do you mean the pump and dump, like Fresenius did with O, has been "suspended"? I look forward to your posts. I really do.

    • keep it cool. it's fun conversing with you, don't drive yourself nuts over 5% of the people here. Most people here want intelligent discussion.

    • keep digging.

    • Thank you BagDad.

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      • I am and have been a relatively neutral reader of this board as this whole thing seems to be more or less one giant mafia game which has been highly entertaining. Everybody thought the big reveal would be on the June 6th meeting, but it turns out that it was more uneventful than most people would've hoped for and so Team Grey/Godwin/Jenna/Affytozero got a point and Maxdad got knocked down a peg.

        With that said, I have to say that contrary to the "bashers" here, Maxdad took everything with such grace and class. I definitely feel for the guy. I've been following this board for awhile and it really seems like he's trying to help but he totally gets trashed for it. He might be wrong sometimes (as was the case with his prediction about the 6/6 meeting) but he is definitely logical, analytical, and rational in his thinking and I have become a more discerning and rational investor because of his insights. Add to that, he admits when he's wrong and even agree with "bashers" from time to time (e.g. re: corruptness of GS and JPM). Whether you believe his credentials, I think this speaks a lot to who he is and what he is about: someone with experience who wants to share ideas and discussions about these stocks.

        The bashers on the other hand, even as the pendulum has shifted in their favor for the time being, have been the most classless people I have seen on these boards. They will never concede a single point and revel in such childish name calling (e.g. MaxBad). Even if they were the best investors in the world, I wouldn't be inclined to follow their advice due to their blatant lack of class and rationality. Paulo Coelho once wrote that "Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day." This inability to identify and acknowledge rational thinking personifies Team Bashers and it's embarrassing to watch.

        This mafia game isn't over yet, but even if Maxdad ends up wrong, I wouldn't be so quick to say that good prevailed.

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