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  • wildbill400 wildbill400 Jun 14, 2013 3:09 PM Flag


    "There is much "speculation" that the reason for the 0.02% catastrophic results may be caused by human error, lack of experience, certified training, storage requirements, or unfit facilities with poor infection control standards and/or handling with regard to this new drug." LETS STAY FOCUSED, IGNORE BASHERS!

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    • Wild, the history of Fresenius fatality issues has been known for quite a while and is still the subject of several FDA (and local health departments) investigations. They have been repeatedly cited for the violations you shared. You can bet that their history was/is part of the investigation AND a part of the negotiations between Takeda and Fresenius. Fresenius is already in plenty of dogpoop and is thrashing at trying to minimize the damage from the Omontys investigation (IMO). But Takeda still wants the #1 Dialysis organization (hard as that is to believe) to be their #1 customer, so it is a delicate dance figuring out how to let Fresenius save as much face (and legal liabilities) as possible without Omontys taking the fall. Again, I believe this investigation has been over for a while and is being worked through various relationship including Fresenius, TAKEDA AND AFFYMAX, Takeda and the FDA (and probably the EMA as well) until it is all buttoned up and ready for release along with the DEAL that will happen between Takeda and AFFY. Brenner has already done a great job securing Takeda's control over the supply chain with their superb negotiations with the various suppliers at less than 20 cents on the dollar on the remainder of the agreements...AND we ALREADY have the payment distribution schedule from Takeda to Affymax in the recently Amended Agreement that will serve as a significant part of the calculation for buyout by Takeda...LEAVING TAKEDA WITH TOTAL WORLD WIDE MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION CONTROL FOR OMONTYS. All tied up in the next month or two (426)...

    • Or maybe you should play the stock like everyone else is doing right now! I dont understand how people hold their long or short position in any stock, the fact is investing is dead and the trader has emerged. Everytime I thought about holding with 20%+ gains my rational side kicked in and I sold and not once was I sorry many times I was able to pick back up cheaper than my original buy, just my take on things but it seems to be the way things are done now!

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      • I had that trader mentality when I screwed the pooch with my ELN position several years ago. I bought a ton of shares between $3.00/share and $4.00/share, and then sold all of it between $6.00/share and $7.00/share, thinking that I was a genius. I even had my Dad on that ride with me. We both basically doubled our money that we had put into it. Swell, right? Well, I don't even know how to begin to tell you how it felt watching the stock continue steadily and strongly on to $30.00/share right after I unloaded it.

        Don't even get me started on the large position in AMZN that I had at less than $10.00/share several years ago, either. My Dad started worrying about me being in that stock when it was at $14.00/share because he didn't feel like it was a good investment. Well, I love my Dad, and I respect his opinions because he was using Wall Street to make a lot of money at that time, and I was more or less a noob at the stock market back in those days, and so I unloaded it against the wishes of my inner voice telling me to hang on to it. Well, have you seen where AMZN is trading lately? Whoops... I still tease him about that one sometimes. LOL.

        Sometimes it's a good idea to "play the stock", as you say, but sometimes it's a better idea to buy the story. That's my plan with AFFY, anyway... I'm not in the stock. I'm in the story.

        Other than that, I just wanted to stop by this message board and wish everyone a Happy Father's Day weekend. I'm still hanging on to my shares of AFFY with a Kung #$%$ Death Grip, at least until the story unfolds as to the fate of OMONTYS as told to the investment community by AFFY and Takeda. Everything that is being discussed here up until that point is basically just hype and speculation. Keep the faith, folks...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Possible or none of the above. The patient may have been allergic to peginestatide, untreated or uncontrolled high blood pressure. In addition to a heart disease, congestive heart failure, cancer, seizure disorder, a blood cell or clotting disorder (Such as sickle cell or hemophilia), or a history of stroke, heart attack, or blood clots. It is recommended to use the lowest possible dose to achieve the desired outcome of iron and reproduction of red blood cells. It is my belief that somebody screwed up with the dose and the screening process. In addition to responding appropriately to the reaction. Omontys is not for everybody, but it is a valid alternative, minus the ones mention above. This is all public knowledge.

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