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  • yowchiensoo yowchiensoo Jun 15, 2013 12:38 AM Flag

    Revenue question

    Prior to AFFY announcing the recall, does anyone have the quarterly revenue figures? Should be able to estimate the 'value' of shares, based on royalty percentages provided by Takeda, assuming Omonty's is reinstated.

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    • Well, if i recall for the december quarter they had made 24 million in revenue. Now they get about 10% of that. Furthermore, Amgen just signed a number of exclusive licenses (i think da vita?) that should block out omontys. It's not as rosy as you might think, but seeing as the stock is only a dollar, it's still worth it.

      Might mean the value of the stock is in the 6 dollar range instead of the 10 dollar range.

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      • Mershaw...Not entirely right on the DaVita deal with Amgen, but close. I've seen the t's and c's and:
        1. It is not an ironclad deal...There are OUT provisions that clearly favor DaVita, but operational for both. Performance and safety were key parameters!!!
        2. Interestingly (and this is public info available), DaVita only signed a deal up to a maximum of 90% of their total use of ESA's. Why not go all in, particularly with provision #1 above. I've drawn NO CONCLUSION from this, it was clearly a great pre-emptive move on the part of Amgen, and why (if you remember) I immediately dismissed the rumor I heard (and stated a a rumor) that Takeda was talking with DaVita and there was a deal pending....Which while I rescinded it because of reading the Amgen t's and c's, could still very well be in play...I simply have no info on this either way...just find it all pretty interesting.
        3. BTW, TAKEDA WANTS THIS ENTIRE ANEMIA Rx SPACE TAKEN FROM AMGEN (do some homework) given the EPOGEN patent lapses in a few years. There are other Takeda initiatives in this area that you can fairly easily get access to. OMONTYS IS STRATEGIC TO TAKEDA beyond just the particular revenue opportunities !!!

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