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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Jun 15, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Expecting a huge announcement this week!

    I never believed in June 6th Meeting as it is just formality for them to conduct the business as SEC mandated one. However I feel with 4th Month of the Recall I believe the time has come for Takeda to openup the can of worms and reveal it to the world.

    Whether they want to antagonize Frensius or someone else DO NOT REALLY Matter. They may be big here, however the Takeda needs to launch this worldwide. If Frensius is at issue it will be revealed despite any of the pressures. People will flock to other Dialysis centers if Frensius is not offering Omontys and had issues in properly administering it.

    Takeda DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME on its plate and for each passing day, it is loosing millions of revenues and lost market share not just US alone but WORLDWIDE.

    I'm pretty confident the news should be coming this week 90% my hope and 100% definitely before this month end, because time is of essence.

    Why there is no PPS upward pressure, as I told you guys SHORTS are NO MORE PRIVY to any of the DETAILS, that is why I LIKE TAKEDA's total involvement here.

    If any individual shorted the stock and did not cover will get a huge surprise soon!

    Watch for it, it is going to be a real fun here.


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    • Possible this week but I don't think so...426 (four to six weeks) for all i's to be dotted and t's crossed and I commented earlier why I think that Takeda working things out with Fresenius (or at least giving it all they can) is the last piece. If that's over, the FDA (probably EMA as well) already know the results and are giving Takeda the liberties needed to finalize everything. BUT don't underestimate Fresenius' attempts at minimizing the damage to themselves while holding a very large deal hostage...And as I said earlier, there will be a point at which Takeda just says take it or leave it (and may have already) and is prepared to do as you said, WALK AWAY AND LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY WILL. The worldwide sales will still be enormous, but a long term commitment from Fresenius makes the revenue projections bigger and more concrete. STAY TUNED, every long should be willing to wait 4-6 weeks at this point and most longs have already realized that the interim is just day trading and shorts not yet ready to capitulate. ALL IN GOOD TIME !!!

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      • I think 4/6 weeks is a pretty long time since Frensius issues are in Open forums. Takeda need not waste any more time dealing with these folks, they have better things to do and it costs lots of money for Takeda. Frensius space will be filled by someone else, at this juncture they are looking at Europe and Japan where the market is huge, they don't like to held hostage by Frensius. It is over now.

        Let us see what happens. My intuition says anytime this week or worst case scenario by June 30th.

        GLTA LONGS!

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    • Im sure you heard of the term buy the rumor or getting in ahead of anticipated news? If the drug was gonna make it back to the market wouldnt it be reflected in the stock price? Are you telling me that a few of the longs on here are the only ones willing to bid up the stock?

      Trading at $1 tells me that hardly anyone has faith in this thing getting back to market, can we agree on that?

      Consider it was trading in the high 20s, now a dollar. What likely outcome is this based on?

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      • It is trading on $1 because there are Shorts who could go to any extent to short it.

        How far they will go, I don't know. Smart money already loaded and waiting.

        There are lots of people who has lost lots of money due to Recall from 25 to $1, won't even touch.

        Other ones believe 3 deaths caused by O's along with Short basher's posts effectiveness.

        One more addition, Shorts and hedge funds do get constant news leak from Affy moron executives, now it is NO MORE, that is the difference. Probably they are expecting these morons will part with the news, THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! it is Takeda who control the drug's fate and future.

        That is why I'm in, if AFFY executives still running the show, I WOULD NOT HAVE TOUCHED THIS #$%$ COMPANY! Just for Takeda taking control of Omontys Drug I'm here!

        If I loose, I may loose part of $1, if I win I expect an immediate Jump to 25+ and with a target close to 50-75, with constant royalty dividend payout in excess of 15% of PPS prevailing then.

        GLTA LONGS!

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    • Jagan; as always we appreciate your insight. We have options week ahead, do you think this will play into the pps? Are you aware of any other possible steps that must be concluded to have positive news released within the next two weeks? My biggest fear is my under estimation of how much time is yet ahead because of unknown issues going on behind closed doors. Locked and loaded. Thanks

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      • Curious, other than the leverage (which is obvious) why limit yourself to time constrained options when the share price is such a massive steal in the first place. Every share I own (now 200k) are pure equities. And the reason for this is YOGI...It ain't over til it's over and MAXDAD...and even then it still may not be over. There are things that can protract this longer than anyone expects and it happens all the time. IF you are as certain as I am that bankruptcy is totally off the table, then why not stick with equities, wait for this all to be resolved and sit comfortably not worrying about a clicking clock. BUT it could happen sooner rather than later too, though I'm totally comfortable with 426 weeks.

      • No one knows except Takeda higher ups, what, how and when to reveal. The news could hit the stand anytime. They know ORWIN and Gang of crooks, the news will be revealed in a Public forum.

        Per their Agreement, there is NO NEED FOR TAKEDA to inform anyone at AFFY including AFFY BOD or Shareholders.

        It is just like a Licensee, when they sell we collect Royalty an ARM length transactions.

        I like it, as a LONG SHAREHOLDER YOU and EVERYONE TOO! Do not get pressured into shorts and hedgies high handedness. They know nothing with what is going on, that is the best part of it right now.

        Stay calm and focused, we know the risks, the REWARDS ARE TOO HUGE TO PASSBY JMHO!

        If this stays LOW, I might add up another 15-20 K shares this week, I'm expecting some funds this week.

        GLTA LONGS!

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