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  • affytozero affytozero Jun 17, 2013 8:50 PM Flag


    I will buy all outstanding shares of Affymax at a tender offer of .0001 a share.

    What ya say Maxdaddy

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    • I'll leave you and all of your aliases (esp. CONMAN) with this...I only hope that you sociopathetic manipulators have invested your last dime shorting Affymax for that day not too long from now when you'll be totally wiped out!!! I normally would not wish that on anyone, but you thieving liars will get everything that is coming to you.. It should include jail time for what you've been doing.

      By the end of July, likely earlier, you and the rest of the investing public will KNOW with hard evidence that OMONTYS IS RESTORED TO MARKET, TOTALLY EXONERATED & THE DEAL between Takeda and Affymax DONE AS DONE CAN BE. 3 Fatalities (out of 25000 successful patients), as sad as they are, has NEVER been and NEVER WILL BE a basis for terminating an FDA Approved drug!!! Any and every argument you guys have or will levy at this is simply too illogical and based on no prior terminations VERSUS 100's OF DRUGS ON THE MARKET that have HAD FATALITIES AND YET REMAIN ON THE MARKET. Fresenius has already demonstrated their capacity to both kill their patients and cover it up. While I can't KNOW that this is the cause, nor can anyone else here, the odds are SO INCREDIBLE that it was their faullt and NOT OMONTYS...Had there truly been a systemic fatalities problem with Omontys, these 3 unfortunate deaths WOULD BE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDES GREATER, and would not have happened with first dose only and all very early in the post FDA Approval period.

      You guys (or guy with multiple recent ID's) can't ignore the solid facts in the last paragraph and hope to convince people that they're wrong. You will try and try and try, but the facts just don't support all the allegations and hollow assertions you've been making for God only knows what evil or self serving purposes. Every intelligent person on this board already have identified you as frauds...I personally believe that frauds don't do justice to how out of bounds you have been, are and obviously will continue to be.

      I'm going now...

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      • yuup

      • Go Maxdad. Please go. You have said you are going probably half a dozen times or more, but you keep coming back to pump AFFY. Be advised readers. Maxdad is the Judas Sheep for AFFY retail longs. He was here pumping AFFY relentlessly from $1.25 to $2.08. Then when AFFY's price suddenly plunged down to 85 cents, Maxdad apologized and said he was leaving. When AFFY got back to a buck, Maxdad came back pumping AFFY anew for another flock of retail longs for him to take to skinning and gutting in the classic pump and dump.

        If you are able, there may be a trade as they pump the AFFY price up. Sell and take your profits when able. Just do not fall for the "buy and hold" and the "big prize" because if you "invest" in AFFY you become an AFFY Retail Bagholder. Here is some info from the SEC that describes what Maxdad and his cronies are doing on this board:

        " 'Pump-and-dump' schemes involve the touting of a company's stock (typically small, so-called 'microcap' companies) through false and misleading statements to the marketplace. These false claims could be made on social media, as well as on bulletin boards and chat rooms. Pump-and-dump schemes often occur on the Internet where it is common to see messages posted that urge readers to buy a stock quickly or to sell before the price goes down, or a telemarketer will call using the same sort of pitch. Often the promoters will claim to have "inside" information about an impending development or to use an "infallible" combination of economic and stock market data to pick stocks. In reality, they may be company insiders or paid promoters who stand to gain by selling their shares after the stock price is "pumped" up by the buying frenzy they create. Once these fraudsters 'dump' their shares and stop hyping the stock, the price typically falls, and investors lose their money."

        Remember. Maxdad touts that he is a GS/JPM biopharma expert with decades of experience. Ask yourself, does GS/JPM ever help the little guy?

      • You are a very desperate man. It seems to me that you have a short term agenda which must involve options trading. Otherwise, you would be very relaxed and comfortable, if what you really believe what you assert about O returning.

        If you feel so strongly that O will return then you should relax and enjoy your vacation. But as you most likely actually feel - and all people with any sense must really feel - there is very little chance that Killer O will ever be allowed to return to kill more people.

        Old Monty is clearly a killer and if I can help it, I will not allow even one more person to die needlessly just so that you guys can make a few lousy, dirty dollars. Thank you.

      • it's funny how you are so paranoid to claim people are using multiple id's but you seem to have a dedicated band of ...."followers" who come boasting of all your previous successes. LOL

        Something is a little up with that maxdaddy.

        I joined this board as ONE PERSON when affy was at $2 a share telling people to's dropped 50% since then.

        Either you have a motive for being here pumping this POS or you have fallen in love with your investment, both are big no no' should know that maxdaddy.

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