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  • beatendown_thensum beatendown_thensum Jun 19, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

    Question to godwinpeak

    What would be the purpose of BK'ing for AFFY? And what possible good could a BK judgement, if even allowed, do for AFFY? There are no creditors to speak of, and no awards from litigation at this point? Why would Brenner file for BK? Why go to the cost and time? You insight appreciated on this point, because if it is future litigations, well, no judge in the world is going to grant them BK status when 1) no one knows how/why the patients dies, 2) there are currently no claims against AFFY, and 3) there is cash in the coffer..
    By the way, back in early 2000's when HealthSouth went to 5 cents, and everybody wrote it off as BK, they hired as CEO Alvarez & Marsal (they do what Brenner does). Everyone screamed BK BK BK because that is basically what Marsal does.. But, they restructured HLSH (otc) back to HLS, and it went from 5 cents to about $7 bucks..And they had massive debt and litigations out the a $ss.
    p.s. you sound an awful lot like a poster called demiwhite from those days.

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    • An AFFY bankruptcy benefits O pure and simple. I have explained the bankruptcy scenario until I am blue in the face and all I get is derision from you and every other involved in Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. Excuse me if I do not spoon feed the board once again. From your post, you really do not want facts, just something to bash me with again. That being said, I will ask you a question. What is the purpose of AFFY disclosing in its SEC required filings that it may have to seek bankruptcy protection?

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      • BTW, bring you BK post back to the top of the heap and I'll read it.

      • The purpose, I believe, of Orwin mentioning BK was an honest assessment of what could happen: If Omontys kills people, and litigation piles up, and judgements against the company pile up, AFFY may have to file BK.
        But that may not be the case. Thus the long case for buying..
        I guess I missed your prior posts regarding BK... I don't see the BK case - unless O kills people, pure and simple. And if it kills people, It does not come back to market in it present form, and assuming Takeda wants to spend the money on additional studies and trials, it may never come back.
        Personally, I believe the long case at a buck is far better then the short case. Maybe at $5 bucks I would be on your side.. JMHO

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