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  • option_out option_out Jul 3, 2013 11:18 PM Flag

    Does anyone else get the feeling that GWP

    could very well be a disgruntled ex Affymax employee?? His post are personal against Affy and anyone that post anything positive about Affy. He seems to be angry in his relentless postings and appears to be on a mission to destroy Affymax. Notice how he picked up the pace of his postings since Maxdad returned....

    I fully expect to read in the headlines shortly after Omontys return to market:


    We will know if it was him when all of his post, along with all his aliases, disappear from the message board to be used by the FBI for their psychoanalysis.

    Don't do it GWP!!! You can get help, maybe.... Remember, baby steps....

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    • GWP = Paid basher. He probably even has a paid pumper ID that is in play here, too. Whatever it takes to encourage the conversation around here so that Yahoo! can continue to bombard us with advertisements as we reply into all of it... Am I getting warm, GWP?

      Do paid posters get things like medical benefits and dental benefits? How about a vision plan? I'm just curious.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I doubt he is an employee. He gets paid by the Hedge fund who shorted the stock. There is official 15 MLN shorts and phantom shares we don't know.

      Time is running out, they need to cover before any news break out. They try to send these weasels to post

      Takeda will bring the product to market, and moron AFFY Orwin is not helping them either. Recent PR by Takeda did not even mention about AFFY.

      Affy is a licensee and moron management is no more privy to advance info which they used to leak to the shorties for financial gain. Watch the Takeda board for any positives. That is why these crooks screaming for help. If for old ways they would not have bothered much.


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    • God help us if he gets a job with the US Postal Service.....

    • Bump.

      Maxdad is a threat to the bashers "Operation Scare Retail Longs"

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