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  • joefish654321 joefish654321 Jul 5, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    the drugs is good

    the ceo is bad sold us out

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    • all together including the Phase 3 / Emerald studies 1-2.. with 2606 enrolling patients, 27606 patients received Omontys,the 3 fatalitys occured the first day of the application more than suspecious,The LNL/diffusion/large number law pointed to the human failure,so it not delusive if you strongly believe,Takeda will bring Omontys back to the market sooner or later. Btw/not going to suprise me if we hear further criminal investigations regarding O. jmho.GL.

    • What do you mean the CEO sold us out? I have followed Maxdad, expstktrader, jagan, wildbill, diejour, savvymonkey, optionout and most of the AFFY long promoters. Orwin is, or must be, the greatest CEO in the world. According to them, he transformed a losing biopharma company into the greatest royalties trust ever to reward investors. As a matter of fact, their AFFY share price predictions sometimes exceed the the price AFFY stock sold for before O was withdrawn. Why, according to your leaders' exuberant posts about AFFY, one must conclude that Orwin is the greatest biopharma CEO in America and a rival of what Steve Jobs was able to accomplish for Apple. Either one must extol Orwin or one must realize that Maxdad, expstktrader and their ilk are full of it. You decide.

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      • AFFY longs. Stand behind the greatest biopharma exec of all time - John Orwin. PS he just sold 16,334 AFFY shares at $1.02 per share. The problem with Orwin is that he is not privy to Maxdad's and Expstktrader's information about how AFFY shares are soon to be valued at $8 to $28 per share.

      • Read my SA articles short monger. Orwin capitulated and could have left the drug on the mkt for those that O was working for vs doing a full recall. So, Takeda hired TBG and threw everyone out and cut all expenses ultimately taking control. A RR% is in place so there is Value!

        A bidder is in here day after day at $1.00 and millions of short shares have been covered in the past few weeks for Reason.

        Keep twisting the truth which you are distorting again. It's that obvious.

        Jeez, these guys are all the same. They buy a few puts, act like huge shorts, over extend themselves and post not stop (even all weekend) 1000's of posts vs my 30 per year hoping to scare a stock down. Seen this 1000 times. What losers!


        EXP - Former WS trader -- 30 years

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