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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jul 8, 2013 1:07 PM Flag


    IGNORED AT THIS POINT by myself and the most of the rest of board watchers. n the meanwhile, the rest of us are simply awaiting the return of Omontys (3 fatalities out of 25000 patients and far more dosages HAD NEVER PERMANENTLY PULLED ANY Rx) and some form of financial arrangement between Takeda and Affymax (TBD but most likely already worked out awaiting final negotiations with Fresenius by Takeda). Affy still very much alive for the indefinite future waiting for all to be resolved successfully.

    Feel free to respond with any additional KRAPP that you guys have been working for months trying to squeeze out that last penny or two while the longs here are patiently waiting for a full and clean resolution worth many multiples of current stock price depending on whether or not Takeda retains Fresenius as a customer coming out of what is certainly difficult negotiations. I am personally convinced that the 3 fatalities were human error and fall on the shoulders of Fresenius. A very simple proposition at this point...Omontys returned to market, AFFY longs ROI significant. When? Well that's what really left for the BASH TRASH TO WORK WITH UNTIL they've been (if they're short) decimated.

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    • On IGGY is the best course of action...let them lick each other......

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    • 12 Fatalities and 98 Total adverse incidents since O product launch as per WSJ article. Taleda and AFFY decided to recall O after the last 5 deaths. Maxcrap also says Takeda hired TBG and gave AFFY $10 working capital. He is a total lying Judas Sheep. You have been warned.

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      • OMONTYS = .998% SUCCESS (or .00102% 3/25000 per TAKEDA'S WEBSITE AND NUMEROUS OTHER PUBLICATIONS) and it was my understanding that Takeda provided a $10 mil credit line to AFFY for working capital requirements. I have NEVER lied though there may be remoted circumstances where I was mistaken, UNLIKE GWP's relentless FULLY DEMONSTRABLE MANIPULATIONS...Including #12 on his "HIT LIST" which suggests that Takeda really doesn't have much of an obligation to Affymax...BUT ALL ANYONE NEEDS TO DO IS REVIEW THE AFFYMAX/TAKEDA AMENDED AGREEMENT to see how GROSSLY MISREPRESENTED THAT ONE POINT TRULY IS...The rest of GWP's list is so totally out of context that it should be ignored 100%.

        I suspect all this Judas sheep, lullabye KRAPP from GWP is that he simply stopped taking his integrity drugs when he decided (or became paid) to relentlessly bash AFFY.

        I STAND BY every single thing I have posted to the best of my knowledge and analytic skills as a 30 plus year Pharma Industry Investment Banker...Oh, I'm sure once again GWP will take a swipe at JPM and Goldman Sachs since they will never be in his league as a "health care lawyer" (AKA Ambulance chaser!!!). What a total JOKE!!!

        Sorry, could not allow his one post response stand, but back to silence mode with bash trash!!!

      • 12 fatalities and 98 adverse incidents versus how many for Epo. Did you asky yourserlf that question? Well I have answer for you. From 11/1/97 to 8/27/2012 there have been 1,854 SAV-serious adverse events reported in a total of 8,252 reports. Do you want to know the number of deaths reported where Epo is the primary suspect (92 versus 247 reports)? Do you want to know more about Epo?

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      • ok stop here...this must be end asap...Everybody liars or pumper;how about you? Snow white? enough is enough...You don't have a single share and making insane comments here...You need to check yourself closes mental institution....

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