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  • udanut udanut Jul 9, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Foe the record

    Snype8 is not one of mine. I can't take responsibility for every bozo who wants to bash on this board. Provoking godwin only breaks his discipline which was in fine form during market hours. Leave him alone unless you want him to relate his imaginary backstory again. He is trained to do that.

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    • Foe the record, THESE are my bashers. I heard ther was another nut over here on the AFFY board bossing my bashers around. I will make you a deal, don't mess with my bashers and I won't break your right index key board finger. If you ever want to type with speed and accuracy again you'll listen to me.

      That being said, bashers let's stick to udanut's plan "Pulling the Chair" it seams to be working well. But let's rename the plan operation "Pulling the Pud". It's more fitting for what you'll be doing.

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