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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jul 10, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    My error this time...GWP correct and I was incorrect...My true apologies!!!

    I was looking for the sales transactions NOT the current disposition. I did not go back and check the earlier holdings of Blackrock he referred to, but I will assume he got that correct too. My apologies for this one. You were right and I was not.

    This said, what this indicates are two things:

    1. Somewhere between the time that Omontys was removed from the market (and as the share price plummeted) Blackrock sold most of their position.

    2. They STILL hold approx. 200k shares if I remember this correctly from GWP's post. So now I have as many shares as Blackrock :-)

    GWP, I told you that if/when I found out about anything I've said was wrong I would admit it. All the rest of your misrepresentations (AND THERE ARE MANY) will remain in that category unless proven to the contrary.

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    • Maxdad get off your knees it is not worth it!

    • How about, as just one example, admittng you were "mistaken" [not purposefully lying] when you posted Takeda hired TBG to conduct AFFY's operations. Here is a second example. How about admitting you were "mistaken" [not purposefully lying] when you posted that Takeda advanced $10M working capital to AFFY to fund its operations. Once you correct those two, I will add others to your "mistaken" postings Oh Truthful GS JPM professional.

      • 1 Reply to godwinpeak
      • On the $10 million working capital, I read that in an article and reposted. If it is wrong, I was not the one who originally cited it. As for Takeda hiring TBG you are technically correct but totally wrong. Affymax is the one with the contract with TBG, but I know for a fact that it was at Takeda's insistence and I am not at any liberty to disclose any more on this regardless of what you choose to believe or not. And oddly, I agree with part of your proposition that Takeda wanted Affymax Organization out of the picture...they didn't serve Takeda's interests and the recall was very convenient. BUT again it is not at all in Takeda's interest to take out the shareholders...quite the contrary.

        My biggest problem with you sir, is exactly what you have been wrongfully expressing systematically about me. I'm no Judas Sheep, I'm certainly not a paid shill (have no reason to make money, especially not doing anything like that). I'm an investor and a very well trained and versed pharma analyst regardless of your opinion of Investment Bankers. I have well over 30 years experience analyzing financial situations of all sorts in the Pharma and Biotech industries. One does not reach my levels at JPM or GS by being either incompetent or a blowhard. I see you either as a whack job crazed by the scenario at hand (for who knows what reason) or executing somebody else's bidding here. Your posts have been riddled with gross misrepresentations that are simply not worth going over point by point any more. I do believe that you've been trying to convince people to take actions not in their interest and have gone so far as to repeatedly tell people to get out.

        And I stand by my analysis (as presented multiple times in multiple ways) that while there is some risk here, that I do NOT believe that Omontys will remain off the market and I do believe that upon the return of Omontys that Affymax shareholders at that time will be duly compensated. From there we can agree to

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