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  • e.kovak e.kovak Jul 10, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    godwinprick resume

    Godwinprick: I really dont care what resume you have taped as a ulogy upon your resting stone, what will be remembered is how you never matured to be a civil adult. Even if you were to be right in the end and stand upon your ant mound and waive your victory flag, no one will be there except yourself in your self glory. It must be a lonely existance being you. Now, crawl back in your hole and pull the rock over your head. You are on ignore

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    • Honestly, I'm done with this silly chat room for the time being. It has become a complete and total waste of my time hanging out here lately. At this point, all that is left in the AFFY message board is the people that are locked in and aren't selling their positions, and the paid bashers like GWP. So, what's the point? The conversations around here feel like a skipping record right now.

      I'll be back when there is news that comes out from either AFFY or Takeda about OMONTYS. Life is too short to be spending any time at all here right now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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