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  • najinaji Jul 20, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

    ORWIN continue to sell his shares

    Guys.. I am long affy and was planning to add some more.. But I see that ORWIN continue to sell his remaining shares.. Last transaction was 2 weeks ago.. any explanation ..?

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    • I'll say this again... Maybe TBG is forcing Orwin to unload his shares of AFFY as part of the terms and conditions that they set up for him. Remember, TBG brought Orwin back in and is driving Orwin's bus right now. So, this scenario is just as likely and plausible as any other scenario at this time. Did it ever occur to anyone here that maybe Orwin doesn't want to reduce his position in AFFY, but the automatic sales are a requirement that the TBG laid out for him in order to maintain his current duties at the company? Wouldn't that be a punishment to fit the crime?

      Orwin is a tumor on the side of this company, as far as I am concerned. I don't have any respect for the guy and his role in the devastation of this stock at all, but I'm grateful for his nonsense in a way, because if not for him and what he did to instill fear in the shareholder community, I doubt that I would have been able to "quadruple down" on my AFFY position and add 15,000 shares at $1.01/share to the 5,000 shares at $3.03/share that I already had. In my mind, he was the guy that created the chaos in this stock that allowed me to load up the wheelbarrow.

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    • It was a automatic sale also called 10b5-1 is a pre-set systematic method of accumulating and/or disposing of shares, the possession of insider information becomes essentially irrelevant. By definition, this will help stem accusations of insider trading and/or front running after a trade is consummated. In short, for executives at high profile companies that are frequently the target of shareholder suits and almost always subject to scrutiny from the investment community, this system can be invaluable

    • he not the ceo anymore some law firm is maybe they will do a better job.amgen put orwin in another bio company takeda as control of us now orwin sold us out drug work for 99.98% of the people orwin should have went to jail for this.

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