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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Jul 24, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    AFFY is a strong buy because

    it has not yet declared bankruptcy. As Judas Sheep Maxdad bleets, "if bankruptcy was the preferred solution, it would have happened by now." As the long pumpers croon, since AFFY has not yet filed, it is going to be bought out at anywhere from $6 to $25 per share. Great logic. AFFY's former CEO and current BOD Chairman, John Orwin, just sold his 16,344 AFFY shares for $1.02 per share. I guess Orwin didn't read Maxdad's, jagan's and savvymonkey's posts about AFFY's fantastic future and generous returns to shareholders with the never ending, always increasing royalties trust payment stream or, alternatively, the grand buyout by either Takeda, or Amgen, or Roche, or Baxter, or whoever the most astute buyer du jour happens to be.

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    • IDIOT.......

    • Welcome back, Online Burger Flipper Boy... Did you have a nice vacation from your "paid basher/stock market shill" duties? This place just isn't the same without you and your total nonsense message posts.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So far maxdad has made you look stupid so keep bashing him....He has and will always have more respect than you. Every call you have made has been wrong so far and if you do get one right (which I doubt ) he will still be more respected than you so keep bashing.......You sound jealous as hell.....

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      • Judas Sheep Maxdad has already led several flocks to financial shearing, skinning, gutting and butchering. He is forming another flock to take to the AFFY financial slaughter house. I guess to profits I have made on my $2 put contracts make me look pretty stupid when Maxdad himself admitted in a prior post that his average cost is $1.24. The only call I have made is an AFFY predicted BK in October. It could come sooner. It could come later. But it will come. Just do not buy and hold for the "big payoff" that will never come to AFFY bagholders.

      • What are you smoking? Every call that Godwin has made has NOT been wrong so far.

        1. He was right about telling people to sell when AFFY was still around 15.

        2. He was right about telling people to sell every time AFFY popped 50-100% from its lows (like when it made a move from $1 to $2 just before delisting)

        3. He was right that the shareholder's meeting would be a non-event

        4. He was right that the there would be no EMA approval

        The only thing he has not been correct about (so far) is bankruptcy, but that just may be an issue of time.

        Compare that to Maxdad, who has been wrong on just about everything.

        1. He was wrong that there would be big news at the shareholder meeting

        2. He was wrong that there would be big positive news from the EMA

        3. He was blatantly wrong about money that he claimed to have been paid to AFFY by Takeda

        4. He has been wrong about every rumor he has posted on this board

        And the guy who has been mostly wrong is the one you praise?

        This message board is so bizarre. Up is down, wrong is right. Bizarro world

        Sentiment: Strong Sell