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  • curtis238 Jul 26, 2013 4:41 PM Flag


    Jus curious wuts everyone's exit strategy in affy? Say O comes out in 2 months, how long is everyone holding? $6? 7$? 16$ 25? Will stock keep running up wen O comes out?????? Is everyone's selling after they make a good profit cuz scared ther might b another recall???? Ughhhhhh I'm not sure wut I'm guna do. Helppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

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    • Long all the way ... This is a Small gain with NO News.... with the positive news It will go in Double digit easily then its the time to Exit .. Not now and definitely not until minimum $7

    • It all depends on what Takeda does. If the announce a buyout, I'll sell at that price. If they reinstate Omonty's, and we receive royalties, I may wait awhile to see what the revenues look like, rather than selling at the opening share price after the announcement..

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    • Too many strategies to consider at this time, in as much as we do not have a clear understanding of what the settlement will contain. While I agree with Maxdad and EXP on the probabilities based upon past decisions by other companies; I still realize that there are human personalities, frailties, and weaknesses in this process. That being said, I don't for one moment overlook that the foibles of pride, desire for power, and blindness of greed can obliterate good business sense. Therefore, my share are little better than lottery tickets. I do confess that I have never bought this many lottery tickets. I only buy when the pot is $150 million and then only one. If it is my turn to win then I only need one. Jim

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    • Curtis, just like you I am an Affy long but to be honest, this is really a crapshoot. I hope it pans out. but to be honest I am not very certain it would pan out. I see you are in NVIV as well. I think that stock will explode in the next few weeks. A lot of catalysts there. A very solid company.

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      • curtis238 Jul 27, 2013 3:16 AM Flag

        Foggiafc. Ya I hear u. I deeper money wise in affy then in nviv. But I hope nviv does well. Few weeks more till uplist and good news then it's on. To b serious I might hold nviv for a year or two. There's some great potential there. As with affy, once it takes off I'm taking my profits and running. I'll leave about 15k shares in just to c how they go

    • My exit strategy is bailing about ten cents per share after AFFY declares BK.

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      • Fantastic. Now that you've told us what you're going to do with your imaginary shill position in AFFY, why don't you tell us what you're going to do about bailing out of this dreadful "paid basher" career path that you're on right now? This seriously isn't a long term plan for you, is it? Good Lord, I hope not. What a waste of a life if it is.

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    • I'm holding for double digits - plain and simple.

      Every now and then I quite like to back a 10 to 1 shot and this is my play for this year.

      If I lose 100% I gambled money I could afford.

    • I'm in at $1.06. Will see how it plays out in the hours after Takeda's announcement on the return of O (I hope!). I will sell at $5 if it seems to be pooping out at that level, will not hold past $8.

    • My cost avg pps is about $1. I plan to sell half of it around $2 to get back my initial capital $$$ and "let it ride" with my remaining half of (basically free)shares if and when the good or bad news come. This way I can only gain :-)

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    • curtis238 Jul 26, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

      I'm not talking about the exit wen we got a fat wad of cash 8-) leaving the strip club

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