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  • kittysown2 kittysown2 Jul 31, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    question to maxdad

    I read the cc transcript on sa do you interpret those statements?I was more hoping for human error, do you think it was a cya move on fresenious's part? I mean dna testing? would people have to be dna tested before receiving o?...

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    • I don't know the medical answer, but this is a MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT MOVING IT FORWARD WITH FRESENIUS, FDA AND TAKEDA ALL PULLING IN THE SAME DIRECTION...Implication is that coming out of this (FACE SAVING FOR FRESENIUS) effort, most likely Fresenius remains a Omontys customer, which pushes the value of the Takeda Affy deal up significantly. The bad news is that this will take a little while longer to get totally resolved, but NO LATER than EOY. I had expected there to be a Mexican Standoff (guns to each other's heads between Takeda and Fresenius), but they both realized that they had the choice of walking away with a lose-lose or a win-win and they obviously chose the path to win-win...CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF THE MANAGEMENT GAME, Prisoners Dilemma (look it up if you're not familiar).

      Upon success of this test (assuming it will be successful...and the .014% fatality rate of 3/25000 patients dying) will almost certainly be resolved in some form...Drugs with that fatality statistical profile are NEVER PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN....100'S OF Rxs with far worse mortality stats!!!

      This is a DONE DEAL IMO and just requires a little more patience to see this through to fruition. THE REALLY GREAT NEWS is that it looks very promising for Fresenius to remain a customer of Omontys (and my guess is that was core to the negotiations to take this extra step)...GREAT NEWS IMO !!!

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