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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Jul 31, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Will Takeda spend time and money for the benefit of AFFY shareholders? It is more of a buyout play here!

    Now with the information available, Takeda needs to be spend time and money (their own) to conclude this analysis and ensure the re-introdction of Omontys in the market place.

    (a) The Products return is ASSURED here
    (b) Why would Takeda part with the Royalty arrangement and pay huge sums of money, knowing well it is not the Product issue rather an Administration issue?

    I think a buyout is coming soon! It won't be too much but a $6-$8 offer atleast.

    There is no incentive for the Shorts to continue holding the short position with the news is not favourable for them. They will ensure to cover at these prices and walk away with their profit.

    Definitely with the news today as if there is going to be a New Trial, longs might have sold their holdings (atleast part of it).

    Looks to me QCOR money is being pushed here, thanks to Maxdad's work. otherwise price should have tanked to 1.40 range today.

    Now people can analyze and take a rationale decision.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jagan I agree. This is looking more like a cheap buyout from Takeda. I am now thinking more of a 4-6 range. I think O coming back as an Affy product is pure dreams now. There will not be any spike to 12-20 as some think. The next announcement we might well get is a Takeda takeover, No SRPT kind of spike here I'm afraid. I still think the pps will come down to just above a dollar range next few days and probably stay there till takeover. I hope it does as I need to buy more. GLTA.

    • There ARE a bunch of QCOR people who are in AFFY too, though I don't take credit for anyone's investments...Most of the people in QCOR have done very well and are probably looking for additional opportunities.

      However, given the news from Fresenius last night I don't think that there is any reason for Affymax to have tanked today...If anything I'm kind of surprised it didn't go up on that news. And as for your target buyout price...I think the fact that Takeda and Fresenius are now working together on this final leg of the investigation, it is a very strong indicator that in the "Mexican Standoff" between the two of them that we can look forward to Fresenius' business being relatively secure. That changes the price tag of the Takeda buyout significantly and $6-8 was a low price for a buyout WITHOUT FRESENIUS' BUSINESS. $18-24 buyout target is more in line if Fresenius becomes a "captive" customer for Omontys...IMHO.

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