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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Aug 1, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    Very early on on this YMB I took on what was so obvious to me a rampant and deceitful body of short attackers.

    And from just about day one I offered my personal and credibility established by my research and analysis over on the Questcor board where similar attacks were not only rampant but highly effective in scaring the hell out of many retail shareholders or potential investors. Needless to say, I received massive retaliation there (just as I have on this board) from posters clearly on a mission to suppress the price and massively distort the realities of the Questcor situation. And so I strongly urged anyone here to fully check me out and continue to check me out on the Questcor YMB. I also proposed the same type of validation opportunity to the bash trash that had literally gobbled up the AFFY board and had been quite successful in helping drive the share price here down below $1.00 (78 cents I believe was the low)...But every one of them changed the subject and NONE stepped up to any validation...JUST MORE AND MORE TRASH TALK and such gross misrepresentations, contorted logic and outright lies. All without an iota of shame!!!

    BUT even that wasn't good enough for them...they continued day after day to make countless posts attacking me (MY REP WAS TOTALLY ABLE TO BE VALIDATED and theirs was NOT!!!). So, starting with Questcor below $20 and doing battle with the same type of clever but highly deceptive shills, we have watched as all the "facts" put forth by QCOR BASHERS HAVE VIRTUALLY EVAPORATED over the last 6 to 9 months and the share price has gone from below $20 to over $70 today...And NOT on hype but on rock solid financial performance and brilliant strategic development of their business.

    I have NEVER said AFFYMAX is a sure thing, though I have often suggested that the risk is far smaller than how it has been relentlessly blown out of proportion by the clever bash trash here. I have also fully acknowledge that AFFY was becoming AND HAS BECOME a "shell company" which doesn't make it inherently bad or good. SEE NEXT POST ON REPLY

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    • I offer a challenge...THEY, the BASH TRASH OFFER ATTACKS!!! Just like they have done from the moment I appeared on this board!!! I have YET to see them rise up to any single legitimizing challenge I've presented to them...NEVER EVER EVER !!!

    • I have also fully acknowledge that AFFY was becoming AND HAS BECOME a "shell company" which doesn't make it inherently bad or good and have asked people here to go to the key materials...The Amended Agreement between Affymax and Takeda that establishes a payment schedule comprised of windfall payments and royalties for the revenue stream once Omontys is returned to market. To which the BASHERS said NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, CAN"T POSSIBLY, A TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITY...Omontys is dead and will never return!!! They could be right still, but NOT very likely:

      1. Because in my 30 plus years as a Pharma industry Investment Banker (JPM and GS, which the bash trash seem to believe dishonors me and puts them on a pedestal) I have NEVER EVER seen any drug with the mortality stats of Omontys (3 fatalities out of 25000 patients and multiple more doses provided) PERMANENTLY PULLED FROM THE MARKET...NEVER, EVER, EVER...But I have offered them the opportunity to identify just ONE bona fide example worthy of our collective investigation...AGAIN, NADA, NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO...I'm not saying that there aren't any...I'm only saying that I have had a wide field of vision in this business and I don't know of any, have not been able to find any on multiple searches and have yet to be presented any!!! CONVERSELY, NO RESEARCH IS NEEDED (though always helpful) to identify hundreds of drugs with similar, worse OR MUCH WORSE mortality stats that have remained on the market or have been removed and returned (some with greater warnings)...Half the drugs advertised on TV come with warnings of "POTENTIAL DEATHS"...And yet the bash trash would have you believe that Omontys is tantamount to An Rx HOLOCAUST!!! Hardly, which is not to say that it is very sad that anyone lost their life...BUT all statistical and historical indicators point to human error at the Dialysis clinics and NOT an indigenous drug failure...BUT unlike MANY other drug companies and out of an abundance of caution, Takeda ...more

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      • BUT unlike MANY other drug companies and out of an abundance of caution, Takeda (AFFY's Pharma Major Partner, largest Pharma in Asia, 8th largest in the world) PULLED OMONTYS and RECALLED ALL OUTSTANDING INVENTORY and launched an active investigation.

        Two days ago, the Dialysis Company (Fresenius) where all 3 Fatalities occurred, announced by their Chairman during their earnings conference that they are working with Takeda (AND THE FDA, even though Omontys was VOLUNTARILY RECALLED BY TAKEDA/AFFY) to conduct a DNA test at Fresenius' facilities to pinpoint remaining causality down to a microbiological level. THIS IS NOT A CLINICAL TRIAL and based on my research should last just a few months. I personally believe (but clearly can NOT KNOW) that this test was a concession by Takeda needed to restart Fresenius business once Omontys is restored to market...And while I FIRMLY believe that the cause is Human ERROR without being an insider to the investigation neither I nor anybody else on these boards can KNOW such 100%...NOT ME, NOT THE BASHERS, NOBODY (though the bash trash would certainly like to convince you that it couldn't be human error, whereas the statistical evidence suggests it is highly unlikely it is any other cause...with WELL DOCUMENTED WARNINGS OF POTENTIAL ANAPHYLACTIC reactions coming out of FDA Trials and Submissions not only fully documented and publicly available, BUT with SPECIFIC REMEDIAL ACTIONS SPELLED OUT IN THOSE REGULATORY DOCUMENTS...IN ABSOLUTE AND UNAMBIGUOUS TERMS). 3 "PROFESSIONALS" dropped the ball and 3 people died...And once it is made public that it was NOT Omontys that did this (although it almost certainly triggered the reaction), but rather a failure to diagnose and/or treat the anaphylactic response in a timely and effective fashion...All the smear will be washed away from Omontys, Takeda and ultimately Affymax...And at that point (and it's most likely a few months away), Takeda will announce the return of Omontys!!!

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