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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Aug 1, 2013 11:19 PM Flag

    Anyone hoping for something from 2Q 'Earnings' Report? Will there be 'great news' announced?

    So sad. Seems like even the pumpers know that there will be no news. I wonder if AFFY knows about the super-duper-special-neato DNA study that will clear KILLER O for more fun and games.

    You people are ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that any of you believe the hype that you write. You are all writing your deceitful posts hoping to fool each other. It is pathetic. But as Elvis Costello said ...... Now I just try to be amused .......

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    • Welcome back TGC. It has been lonely getting all of the thumbs down and insults trying to post facts, AFFY Long Stockholmsyndrome is alive and flourishes fed by Expstktrader SA articles and Maxdad weed. I got to hand it to Expstktrader though. He has authored three SA articles all published when AFFY was languishing at about $1 per share, such that they ran up %50 to 100% and then back down. Each time there was absolutely no news to support the move, only hype. Makes me regret that I was and remain short AFFY. If only my account would have allowed me to play the swings..... Expstktrader and Maxdad I feel confident have made loads of money on these pumps and dumps. It is difficult for me who is just a sell short and hold kind of guy and WS has it rigged so retail cannot play the MMs moves and swings. Bottom line: O is a dangerous drug compared to industry standard Epogen/Aranesp and its once a month dosing is lost on CKD patients on dialysis such that there is or ought to be no market for this killer.

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      • Hey GW --

        Yeah looks like the same hacks are doing their weasly short-term manipulating. Hey, I guess if that is what 'success' means then 'to each his own'.

        Looks like nobody is even trying to pretend that 'Earnings' from AFFY will yield any kind of news at all. So pathetic. I wonder how long the 'DNA Study' is going to be able to be pumped up.

        I wonder if Orwin-San has moved on or if he is just waiting in the wings, counting his weasly-gained millions.

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