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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Aug 2, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    A Challenge to Godwinpeek...

    While I am certain you would NEVER allow yourself to be subject to this scrutiny (like I've been here), I challenge you to begin posting on the Questcor Board... I really don't care what you post other than insisting it be the same kind of strong opinions that you post here...and see what kind of response you get there.

    C'mon I dare ya...I DOUBLE DARE YA :-)

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    • In fact, while you're posting on the QCOR board, PLEASE TAKE YOUR BEST SHOTS AT MY SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND INTEGRITY !!! It is much easier for you to pull off your tactics here where far fewer people know me...So come on pal, let's get ready to RUMBLE !!! Pay me a visit on my homefield!!!

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      • Do you know how lame you sound? I suggest you stick to feeding the pigeons.

        p.s. Questcor has got to be the #$%$ of the earth as far as companies go. I saw that Dec. 29, 2012 NY Times article that detailed how they raised the price of the kids' medicine from $50 to $28,000 for one vial.

        If you have made blood money on QCOR then good for you. But you should do it quietly and with shame. To be proud of your ill-gained money is quite sad to see. Thank you Maxcad.

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