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  • piperblumoone piperblumoone Aug 7, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    This POS killer stock

    Will go to zero after the investigation confirms O killed those people. O is finished. Hope all u that bought AFFY stock lose everything, u deserve it. Your greed trying to profit on those that lost their lives is disgusting and shameful. I can't wait till u suffer huge losses. Maybe some of you will go bankrupt too and your marriages destroyed.....

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    • antidisestablishmentarianism8392 antidisestablishmentarianism8392 Aug 7, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

      Trying to profit on those that lost their lives? If you are short this stock the best news which could come out is that everyone who took O will soon be dead. That means that the stock will go to zero which is what you are hoping for. The best news for someone who is long the stock is for these deaths to be attributed to something other that O. So by you saying you would like the stock to go to zero puts you on the side of the shorts doesn't it? Don't let logic get in the way of your ranting and raving.

    • If you lost someone in this situation I'm sure you have all of our sympathies...But it is highly unlikely, given all the existing public evidence, that O killed anyone...but that's exactly why Takeda issued a voluntary recall and thorough investigation. This isn't about greedy people trying to profit on anyone's unfortunate outcomes. It is about getting to the truth about what happened not just to those patients who suffered, but what happened to two companies that invested well over a $ Billion that apparently worked well for .9998 out of 1.0 patients and then something happened that was devastating to just 3 patients (3 too many in a moral sense)...BUT in a legal and business sense, these mortality rates (as clinical as that sounds) are far lower than many (100's) drugs on the market that have stayed on the market and the FDA's guiding principle on these kinds of issues is that the overall benefits must outweigh the overall risks as all drugs do (INCLUDING ASPIRIN and Acetaminophen...which has had 100's of deaths from one of many fatal reactions).

      I hope to god that your aggressive post really was you just being a short jerk trying to continue to instill fear, but if not you truly do have my sympathies for any loss you or your family suffered.

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      • Thank you Maxcad.

        "It is about getting to the truth about what happened". Oh really? Since when? I thought at GS/JPM it was ALL ABOUT MAKING AS MUCH MONEY YOU CAN WITHOUT GETTING PUT INTO JAIL. If it is illegal, then just make sure the ultimate fines are not enough to off-set the profit. If possible, try to get the fines to be a laughable slap on the wrist while the profits from illegal activities are humongous. That makes laughing all the way to the bank even more enjoyable.

        I guess I was wrong. I did not know it was all about the truth. I guess if the TRUTH OF MANY, MANY SUDDEN DEATHS WITHIN MINUTES OF TAKING O does not seem like a pleasnt truth, then, rather than putting the blame on O, it might be best to continue a never-ending 'investigation'. That way PUMPERS FROM WALL STREET WHO ARE OBVIOUSLY IN IT FOR THE SHORT TERM can continually give hope to the AffyChumps, who will bid up the price. Thank you MaxCad.

      • I don't understand why Taked recalled O. Fresenius was going forward with the pilot program even after the 3 deaths, but Taked overrruled them and pulled the drug. Why ? If the death rates are so low, why not continue with the pilot program like Fresenius wanted?

      • Well Said. Maxdad.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Investigation will never confirm this IMO even though it is very obvious. That is why AFFY has been internally investigating O deaths for years - ever since Phase III Non-Dialysis trials. They always came to the conclusion of 'Unexplained' instead of labeling as "DEATH BY O". There is no incentive for anyone to blame O, since all investigations are intrenal. That is why investigations will never conclude.

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      • If you bothered to read both the FDA and Omontys administration warnings (ALL publicly available for everyone to review) you would KNOW that they said NOT for Anemia without dialysis (where they did experience higher incidence levels during tests)...Which is to say you just trashed something that they expressly said they weren't selling when they were approved by the FDA...

        DUH !!!

    • cover already

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