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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Aug 16, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Translation of TBG 8k

    We never intended for AFFY to go bankrupt, but don't say we didn't warn you and don't be shocked should it happen.

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    • The restructuring is complete and they have settled the debts. There are 4 employees now so the burn rate should be minimized going forward. It all hinges on the completion of the investigation by Takeda. I still maintain bankruptcy would have happened several months ago if it were going to happen. Why go to all the trouble to settle with creditors if bankruptcy were to be your first option? Seems like a lot of trouble and effort if you were looking at a bankruptcy filing before year end. Litigation also is predicated on finding the drug exclusively at fault for the deaths as opposed to the administration of it or not dealing with the serious allergic reactions in a timely fashion to prevent those deaths. There again the attorneys are awaiting the completion of the investigation by Takeda to establish the burden of proof.

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      • You are precisely correct here and this is the main reason to explain why the SHORTS are covering as shareholders are being kept in the dark. (on purpose??)(maybe??)

        This is how WS works and what GWP is posting about however I am not the one holding back the INVESTIGATION NEWS WHILE THE SHORTS get away with COVERING now am I.

        Do you see this happening..... RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES FOLKS.....???

        Short covering during what I call ....The ...NOISE.....otherwise the short positions would be 3X by now and not reduced by 1/2.

        Some logic: Lawyers don't want a BK either. Most lawyers push out letters and emails for a living....they seek "settlements" if you are new to the processes. When O returns all the lawyers will vanish too.

        Additional logic: Why "clean up the balance sheet" if Affymax wanted to seek creditor protection. Why pay off the banks, et al ? It's not adding up here and points to HUMAN ERROR.....

        Spoke to many experts on this subject....Comments were....It would appear this Way......paying off creditors before any so called protection draws a Red Flag and the courts (any smart Judge) would have a field day too.

        Logic: 3 Serious occurrences in the month of FEB doesn't add up to drug issues. It points to Human Error....not uncommon in the Health Care industry.

        What about the several prior months of the FR pilot process? ....July? Aug? Sept? Oct? Nov? Dec?....56,000 treatments...seeing "infrequent allergic reactions"...."most reactions being mild...."the Vast majority of patients are tolerating it well......then mid-Feb the OMONTYS drug......was a recall right after the great Fresenius letter dated Feb 13th, 2013....

        Go Back and re-read my comments on Pages 1 - 3. (Source: SEC archives edgar data 1158223)

        My in-depth research (review of docs, news, interviews with biotech professionals, doctors) has shown that BK is in the REAR VIEW MIRROR folks....The trials worked....the pilot from Fresenius worked...



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    • GWP, You never intended that your short position with unlimited risk could cause you to go bankrupt, but don't be shocked should it happen!

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