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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Aug 17, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Wow - My post speaking truth about Affy/Takeda Internal Investigation was deleted by Yahoo

    OMG. This tells me all I need to know. I wrote a post with absolutely no swear words or attacks on anyone. I simply spelled out the truth about the history of AFFY and their internal investigation over the past three years about the sudden deaths. OMG is all I can say. Post was deleted. The single most important post for all to understand - and it has been deleted. Well, I will truly say "Good Luck" to all at understanding the truth. I have tried. My hands are clean. Good luck to you all.

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    • TGC. Interestingly, a significant YMB post of mine that set forth and rebutted each of the AFFY longs' major points about why they believe AFFY all of their followers should buy and hold AFFY for the "big payout" was also deleted. The same thing happened on the SA board. I think those deletions speak volumes as to how the P and D game is played, both in AFFY and sadly even other stocks as well.

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      • GW -

        I read your extremely awesome post on the SA board which completely obliterated EXP and set forth the truth for all to read. That was pretty awesome for any newbie who sought the truth.

        The post of mine was totally factual and detailed how AFFY has sought for three years to explain the cause of the Sudden Deaths without any satisfaction.

        I suspect that MaxCad and his cronies are behind the scenes complaining to YMB and SA but of course they would never admit that. It is revealing to see how the YMB system works. Disturbing but not at all unexpected given the system in which we live. Truth definitely takes a back seat to money without any doubt at all.

    • What a tard! Doofus doesn't know that since Yahoo changed the boards last winter;
      - cutting and pasting may end up with special characters (like CRLFs it doesn't like, instad of just a CR)
      - type a single character too many times and it burps sometimes.
      - Words that aren't even swear words cause posts to vanish because they got caught by a really uneducated filter
      - if you try to post two posts with similar content, not necessarily the same, then spam filters delete it.
      - Etc.
      The list goes on, but feel free to subscribe to a conspiracy theory. That always works for nutjobs like you.

    • Good luck to all. I know in my heart I have spoken the truth and used only the truth about AFFY/Takeda internal investigations. No swear words or attacks. This tells me all I need to know about Yahoo and truth. Another sad day for truth. Oh well. Money wins again. Good luck to all.

    • Actually, Yahoo! probably deleted the post of yours that was "speaking truth" because it was in such extreme contrast to everything else that you post here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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