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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Aug 19, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    The $1.60/Share Love Affair... LOL.

    It's a torrid fling that AFFY is having with the dollar, two quarters, and a dime lately... Sometimes AFFY is on the top, and sometimes AFFY is on the bottom. Other times, like today, it's just right there on the side with it.

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    • Dod someone say love affair? That's how I feel. When God feeds me Twinkies. Me, the kid with the'roids. Wow.

    • By the way, if you look at the historical prices on Yahoo! Finance for AFFY, in the past month or so, we have traded MORE THAN HALF of the total number of shares outstanding of AFFY in a range very close to $1.60/share. There are 37.5 million shares outstanding in this stock right now. This, folks, is what you call "building a base" to the tune of almost 20,000,000 shares of AFFY being bought right around $1.60/share. Don't take my word for it, though... Check it out for yourself.

      How many of those people that bought this stock right around these levels do you suppose are going to want to sell those shares that they acquired at a loss?

      Think about it. Carefully. Then, act accordingly.

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      • Affy presents similar characteristics such as Pandora when at $7.00 a year ago on a clever campaign of fears with losing sales and lost revenues and spiraling stock valuations. Most similar to FB. Frequent posters suggested bad business plans, lost revenues, and no chances for real success being touted daily. LNKD type thinking. You know the kind. Wrong in every sense of reality. That one time when one says, no way do I touch this company, smart money prevails. Apple at under $400 is another comparable mindset.

        We are told, its all going down with no probable chance of recovery. Ha Ha that's what you are to believe.

        Well alas, all has not vanished, Pandora of all things has turned around back up to $21 at today's closing. Apple is $511 too.

        Affy investors should be well rewarded all the same. Scalpers will unfortunately take 6% and miss the good times, and the real money. Better that they sell here then much higher I guess on the good news.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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