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  • randomposter randomposter Aug 25, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    Godwinpeak and his straight man "YngvaiMalmsteve" are working overtime commenting on EXP's recent seeking Alpha article. Desperate? It's embarrassing, really.

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    • I received another stock alert on Affymax. Did anyone else?

      Don't fight the tape which is most probably heading over $2.00 this week as many fears are easing don't you know.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • One comment by YngvaiMalmsteve (me) is "working overtime"? You have got to be kidding me. But I shouldn't be surprised at your delusions. The stuff people come up with on this message board is quite irrational and bizarre.

      Yes, you should be embarassed.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Udanut - I just looked at the SA comments again and not only is GWP still incessantly posting his babbling diatribe, he is showing "uni bomber" like tendencies with his AFFY manifesto type writings in response to EXP's SA article. With this behavior I'm starting to get concerned for your safety and the safety of your entire bashing crew. Clearly, GWP is unstable and is a danger to himself and others.

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      • I'm a little bored so I checked the comment volume on EXP's recent SA article. As of a moment ago, there were 57 comments. The breakdown is as follows...

        1 person (GWP) posted 17 comments
        2 people posted 4 comments each
        3 people posted 3 comments each
        2 people posted 2 comments each
        19 people posted 1 comment each

        Just posting facts. Draw your own conclusions.

      • Why continue to 'bash' a stock that has been beaten down so low? At this point it does seem to be psychological.....unless they are out to protect us. But then again, I'm old enough that I don't need a nursemaid or a nanny.

      • Congratulations to you!! You are part of a long history of 'useful idiots'. You know that GWP speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. You can't counter his arguments and so you put out that he is 'unstable' and a 'danger' when of course there is nothing to that in any way, shape or form. You know because you have the masses on your side that people will agree, even though they know it is all hogwash. You think that because it all just pertains to LaffyStock and the YMB that it is harmless. You do not understand how evil this is. You do not understand the bigger picture. You do not understand history. Or do you actually understand all of this? Who is the scary one. I think that history can answer this question.

      • Thanks random. While I have complete security at headquarters, there is some vulnerability when using the white Chevy to deliver pizza to the best bashers. Bashing on the SA site is not authorised and shows how completely unraveled our operation has become since the crew wouldn't follow my instructions on the "Pull the Chair" maneuver. The weekend retreat to view "Sharknado" seems to have driven my crew over the edge. I am working hard to come up with solutions.

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