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  • sammy6579 sammy6579 Aug 25, 2013 2:48 PM Flag


    First let me say thank you again for Q & A, all the DD and your honesty on these 2 boards. I felt like I needed to respond because I've been a nurse for 35 years, and at one point in my career worked in a dialysis center (short lived might I add). My summation from all of the DD posted...anaphylaxis and the nursing personnel not being quick enough in treating it. These centers try to stretch there personnel to where you may have 4 patients at a time , putting them on and taking off dialysis, and you have to be so focused. It's unfortunate but anaphylaxis happens everyday, even as you say with Tylenol. Some days on the MB I don't even read what these bashers idiots write, they just need to go to another sandbox and play. My thoughts from being in the profession. Thanks again have learned so much.

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    • Thanks for your post, I was in and still am very close to the health professions... you made my point very succinctly (in my replies to TGC).

      There is a huge difference between professional negligence and facility negligence. What you describe is far too often the case in many facilities, not just dialysis. There is also a huge difference between civil vs criminal. Basic legal stuff but the shorts don't seem to get it.

      The really unfortunate part is that I've known many great nurses that have taken the fall for a facilities problem. It's not fair and it doesn't stand up to professional negligence tests even.

      IMO, if negligence is involved, I doubt it was the nurses. It was probably a facility standard that is to blame, or should I say the facility failing to live up to maybe even their own protocols and standards.

      Fresenious is dealing with many issues on many fronts right now. The shorts seem to think it's a stretch that this too could be a problem with Fresenious itself. From my professional dealings with them, I was probably one of the very first to say it was Fresenious. Seen it too many times in the last decade or so with them.

      Anyhoo. Have a nice evening and thanks for your post.

    • Forgot to add long and strong Q and Affy

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